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Prince William reveals Princess Charlotte keeps him up all night while Prince George ‘never stops moving!’

Prince William is getting into the full swing of fatherhood with two tots, but even the future king of England can’t escape a vocal new baby!

By Chloe Lal
The Duke of Cambridge is now well and truly back into his royal duties and visited the English Women’s Football club ahead of their FIFA tournament.
The royal dad confessed to the team captain, Steph Houghton, that little Princess Charlotte has been keeping him up all night while Prince George won’t stop running around.
"He said George is very lively, and Princess Charlotte has been keeping him up all night, giving him a few sleepless nights. But he said he was just happy to have them both here," Steph explained.
Prince William adored Charlotte's little jersey.
The English captain revealed to People that lively George may have a future in football after William said his son “never stops moving!”
Steph’s team mate, Jill Scott noted what a grounded father William was, despite being a prince.
"He said he'd had a few sleepless nights. The baby will be up and George is running around now isn't he? It reflects that he does a normal life away from his duty as prince," Jill told.
The doting dad may be tired, but he was happy to receive an adorable gift for his darling daughter, her very own personalised football jersey, presented to William by the team.
Steph was impressed with William’s knowledge of the game and the team, who’ll be heading to Canada to compete in the upcoming World Cup.
We can just see it... Prince William, George and Charlotte's football coach!
"When he came in he knew all about our qualification process and how many goals we scored and where we were ranked in the world,” she recounted.
Adding: “Everyone knows he's an Aston Villa fan and he's really excited for the FA cup final and handing out the trophy, hopefully, in his words, to Aston Villa.”
On May 30th, Prince William’s team will be playing Arsenal, which coincidentally is Prince Harry’s favourite team. As president of the Football Association, William joked he may be facing "a bad day" as he’ll be responsible for handing the cup to the winning side’s captain
“It’s either going to be a very good day for me, or a very bad day,” he laughed.

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