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Prince William reveals the sweetest details about Princess Charlotte

While at an engagement yesterday, Prince William revealed some pretty sweet details about his children, George and Charlotte.

Prince William is one proud papa!
The Duke of Cambridge hit the road this week to attend an engagement at Cambridge University, and he revealed the sweetest detail about his brand new baby girl, Princess Charlotte.
Speaking to professors at the college, the Prince, who previously described his daughter as “a little joy of heaven”, told the crowd that his Princess was very “ladylike”.
And seeing as she has the ever-poised Duchess Catherine as a mum, we’re not surprised.
As for his two-year-old son, Prince George, William said that he was “very lively”!
And considering Prince William’s first two descriptions for his son were “a little monkey” and “a bit of a rascal”, it seems Prince George is shaping up to be a bit of a wild one!
"He said George is very lively and Charlotte is very lady-like," Professor Christopher Dobson said of his encounter with the royal. "He said they were both delightful of course."
William also touched on the couple’s pet pooch, Lupo, who he alleged was good at “messing up his lawn”.
"There wouldn't be any of the lawn left if it was up to Lupo," said the Duke, commenting on a picture book in which a dog digs up some lawn.
Prince William speaking with professors at the university.
Prince William was in town to open a new archive centre at the School of Pythagoras, a newly refurbished venue in one of Cambridge University’s oldest buildings.
Whilst at the university, the future King toured the centre, unveiled the plaque that marks the opening, talked to those involved in the process and received a few gifts – all in a day’s work!
But the staff probably didn’t need to give the 33-year-old a tour of the campus, considering he studied there just last year.
The Duke underwent a ten-week course in agricultural management, which the university created for him.
The Prince studied for 20 hours per week, attending seminars, tutorials and research sessions with local PhD students.
William added the Agriculture course to his Master of Arts with upper second class honours from St Andrews in Scotland.
Now that’s an impressive résumé!

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