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The Duke of Rock and Roll! Prince William reveals his secret talent as he opens up about new daughter Princess Charlotte

Prince William opens up about his baby girl as he returns to royal duties, plus he reveals his special connection to Queen and we’re not talking about his grandma!

By Chloe Lal
It looks like we have a budding musician on our hands, with Prince William admitting he can play the bass guitar.
The 32-year old addressed his hidden skill as he chatted to reggae star Brinsley Forde after awarding the musician an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in the Waterloo Chamber of Windsor Castle.
"He said he's handy on the bass," the 'Eighties icon told People, adding: "so you never know – we may have him playing bass soon."
Can you imagine the Duke of Cambridge rocking it out to some reggae? Brinsley wasn't too sure, laughing: "I don't know. Watch this space! We might have him out there."
The pair might not be jamming together just yet, but Brinsey did bond with the William over baby talk.
The musician from the Eighties reggae band Aswad revealed that he "congratulated him [William] on Charlotte and we spent a little time talking, as my son Jermaine's about to have a little one. So he congratulated me too."
The second-in-line to the throne updated the musician on his newborn, telling the reggae star, "She's fine, she's good".
This marks Prince William’s second royal event since the birth of his daughter, Princess Charlotte, on May 2.

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