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Prince William's meme-worthy twinning moment with Prince George in 2019 provides the perfect mental image of how they spent this past weekend

The father and son are big fans of Aston Villa.

By Jess Pullar
Prince William and his seven-year-old son Prince George no doubt have plenty of things in common, but there's one thing that the pair connect over more than anything else.
If you cast your minds back 12 months ago, you might remember a certain scene involving Prince George at a game of soccer.
The game itself was stock-standard enough for many, but for George and Wills... it was a different story.
Attending Norwich's Carrow Road football ground to witness Aston Villa play Norwich City on October 5 last year, Wills and Kate were all smiles as they sat in the stands with their excitable young children George and Charlotte (two-year-old Louis stayed home from the antics).
William is known to be an avid fan of Aston Villa, so the 5-1 win from the team made their trip to the match very exciting indeed to watch.
The crowd understandably went nuts each time Aston scored a goal, but none were more impressed than Prince George, who was captured on camera providing a meme-worthy reaction we will, quite frankly, never forget.

And incidentally, Prince William himself has been known to get well into the spirit of things.
Yep, if you thought that was the first time you've seen a royal frankly lose the plot during a sports match... you'd be very wrong.
In a glorious piece of footage resurfaced from the archives, William was seen at another Aston game frankly losing the plot.
Yes, this is a sight to behold.
Watch the moment in full in the player at the top.
The excitement was very, very real. (Sky Sports)
So with that said, you can only imagine the excitement in the Cambridge household 12 months later when Wills and George's team, Aston Villa won 7-2 over Liverpool.
While large scale crowded stadiums are no longer the norm in these strange COVID times, there's no doubt the two royals would have been just as exciteable to see their team reign over their competition from afar.
And if there's anything we know to be true in this world, it's that the Cambridge television has probably had a big yelling at over the weekend.
Can you imagine the scenes in the Cambridge household as George and Wills saw their team come out victorious? (Instagram)
While some things never change, Prince George is certainly growing up before our eyes.
Kensington Royal released a sweet new video over the weekend featuring all three Cambridge children, who asked British nature documentary icon David Attenborough about the natural world.
The video has rightfully gone viral, not least because of how ridiculously cute little Prince Louis is.
Along with Charlotte, we're anticipating we'll have quite the team of royal cheerleaders to attend those large scale games when they eventually return...

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