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Prince William shines a light on workplace stress

Prince William is taking his mental health crusade to the workplace.

By Bella Brennan
Prince William has delivered an important speech about the impact that work-related stress can have on employees.
The passionate advocate spoke to business leaders on behalf of the Heads Together charity, of which he is an ambassador, at Unilever in London on Monday, December 5.
During his address, the father-of-two emphasised the need to have support systems in place in the work environment.
"Work, as we all know, can at times be a source of great fulfillment, growth and fun, but also at times a significant source of stress ­ sometimes — if we are honest, to the point of its being overwhelming."
"Catherine, Harry and I have been campaigning on this issue for only a few months now, but what we have observed already is that when we get our heads together ­when we talk and listen to family, to friends and colleagues, we share the load; we reduce the problem; we realise we are not alone and we break down the barriers that prevent us from getting the help we need."
“It is really that simple: a problem shared is a problem halved.”
The royal went on to urge workplace leaders to encourage conversations about mental health between their teams.
"I have also seen how an employer can create an environment where it is as unremarkable to talk about feeling a bit ‘down’ as it is to admit to having a cold,” William explained.
“All of the air ambulance team know that we can get help for what is going on in our heads if we need it. We know where to turn, as practical help is well sign-posted, and we know that no one will judge us if we do admit to difficulties. Mental health exists ­just as physical health exists. It is no big deal.”
Prince William admits he's faced his own mental health issues from his work as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service.
Indeed, in the past the future King of England has spoken of his own struggles from witnessing confronting scenes as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service.
“If you share the same, in some cases, sad incidents, then if you can get over it together by being able to talk about it in the future. Being a close team you come away with a collective way of dealing with it together and it helps you move on to whatever you’ve got to do next,” William explained in September.
But the 34-year-old revealed he found solace in his battles by talking it out with colleagues.
"There are some very sad, dark moments and we talk about it a lot. But it’s hard. You try not to take it away with you but it can be quite difficult," he said.
Prince William along with his wife the Duchess of Cambridge and brother, Prince Harry, have joined forces as the ambassadors for the mental health charity Heads Together. Throughout the year, the trio have been campaigning tirelessly to help raise awareness and break down stigmas on mental health.
Putting their heads together! Prince William, Duchess Catherine and Prince Harry have worked tirelessly for mental health this year.

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