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Prince William and Duchess Catherine's secret visit to Frogmore Cottage REVEALED - did they meet Baby Sussex?

Has Baby Sussex already met its aunt and uncle?

By Jess Pullar
Royal baby alert is high on the radars of royal fanatics the world over - but for the royal family themselves?
Well, lets just say they seem to be keeping very cool calm and collected.
Indeed it's been business as usual for dad-to-be Prince Harry while his wife Meghan nests at their home of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.
The red-headed royal has been spotted multiple times in the weeks since his wife commenced her maternity leave - attending formal engagements and getting out and about at various events with his famous fellow royals.
But is his "nothing-to-see-here" attitude just a ruse?
Well, it seems Duchess Catherine and Prince William might have just blown his cover - as an intriguing new revelation about their recent movements comes to light.
In a report for Harper's BAZAAR, respected royal correspondent Omid Scobie has revealed that Kate and Wills visited Frogmore Cottage on Easter Sunday where they saw Meghan.
Kate, William and Harry had all attended an Easter service at the nearby St George's Chapel, but Meghan had been unable to attend due to being heavily pregnant, according to Scobie's source.
So instead of allowing poor Meghan to miss out on the fun, the royals took the party to her - with William and Kate "showing their support" by popping by her abode for a catch up.
"William and Catherine visited because Meghan was unable to attend the service," the close source revealed.
"They wanted to be supportive and see how she is doing. It was a lovely afternoon."
Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited Meghan at Frogmore Cottage on Sunday. (Image: Getty)
The visit also marked the Cambridges first at Frogmore Cottage - which Harry and Meghan have only recently moved into.
A friend of the pair told Scobie, "Meg and Harry are really settled in now," before adding: "It's truly a lovely home and they have done such a great job with the space. So much light and positive energy. I couldn't think of a better place to start a family."
The royal couple have renovated Frogmore ahead of the birth of their royal baby. (Image: Twitter)
So with Duchess Catherine and Prince William taking the time to visit Frogmore, this seriously narrows the possibilities on when we can expect to get our first glimpse of Baby Sussex.
There are two theories to this one, and both have some intriguing evidence.
The first is that Meghan may well have already had the baby and is laying low while the royals put on a business-as-usual ruse to give herself and Harry some time to settle as a new family and prepare for the inevitable onslaught of attention they'll receive once the new baby is announced.
The evidence comes in the fact that only yesterday (Thursday), Harry travelled all the way into London's Westminster Abbey where he attended an hour-long Anzac Day service alongside his sister-in-law Kate.
It seems a very risky move for the Prince to take if his wife hasn't given birth - if she'd gone into labour, he'd have had to make a very quick dash back to Windsor (a 44 minute drive by car, according to our calculations).
The scenario is something likely to catch the attention of every lens and human in near proximity.
What's more, the Anzac Day commemoration's order of service had noticeably left Harry from it's list of attendees - a sure sign that the royals were unsure as to whether the coast would be clear for Harry to leave his wife's side for fear of her going into labour while he was out and about.
Prince Harry attended an Anzac Day Service on Thursday April 25 with Kate Middleton. (Image: Getty)
Meanwhile, the other theory is rather simple - Meghan just hasn't given birth yet.
According to Scobie's latest report, Meghan's due date is "later this week", which makes us think it's either the 26th, 27th or 28th of April. Indeed, Meghan herself said she was due in "late April, early May."
With many mothers going over their due dates, this could be entirely possible for new mum-Meghan.
All of this being said, technically, we can't make any solid calls until the elusive new parents have made a formal announcement via the Palace.
And either way, it sounds like it'll be very soon - stay tuned.
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