British Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton meet Beyoncé and Jay Z at a basketball game

The moment when the future King and Queen of England met the current King and Queen of everything else.

The superpower meeting took place on Monday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where both couples watched the Brooklyn Nets play the Cleveland Cavaliers.
The royal couples were sitting courtside on opposite sides of the court and during a break at the end of the third quarter Bey and Jay got up from their seats and walked over to greet the royal pair – as you do.
Kate and William are in town for a whirlwind visit.
Kate, who is pregnant with a little brother or sister for Prince George, seemed genuinely starstruck during the encounter and got up from her seat to meet Beyoncé with a smile from ear to ear.
William and Jay shared a solid handshake and at one point the 45-year-old rapper placed a friendly hand on Williams back… besties already perhaps?
The New York crowd seemed to be more eager about the meeting than the game (Cavaliers won by the way, 110 – 88) with cameras swarming and minders going into a tizz trying to keep the situation under control.
Beyoncé and Jay Z are often spotted having date night together at Nets games.
The couple's children, Blue Ivy and little Prince George, stayed at their respective homes which is just as well because that might have been a super star meeting too cute to handle.

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