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See what Prince William and Duchess Catherine's sassy flower girl looks like now

In 2011, the world was enchanted by the royal wedding of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge... but it was their little flower girl Grace, who almost stole the show!

By Chloe Lal
Now nearly six years on, Grace Van Cutsem is eight years old... and no longer grumpy!
Many would remember as the crowds cheered during William and Kate's first kiss on the balcony, the little cutie opted to maintain a rather ferrous, unimpressed scowl.
Her blue eyes and little scowl caught the world's attention.
The RAF flyover proved to be too loud for the then three-year-old.
Just three at the time, the formalities proved too much for the tot.
Prince William's goddaughter has grown up quite a bit since, and has become a big sister once again.
Mum Rose and dad Hugh were already parents to Grace and a younger boy named Rafe, before they welcomed baby Charles a few months after the 2011 royal nuptials.
All grown up and no longer grumpy.
The cutie with Pippa Middleton and fellow flower girls Eliza Lopes.
In fact, in the years since Grace became an Internet sensation, she's grown up quite a bit, with her mum Rose documenting her life on Instagram.
From being a school kid, to a big sister and even an avid hunter, it seems like Grace has become quite the well-rounded young lady... She's even been a flower girl for ten other weddings.
We're guessing there were no loud RAF flyovers...
Lady Louise was also one of the sweet flower girls at the royal nuptials.
Lady Louise Windsor was also one of the stars from the bridal party.
The flower girl is now 13 and just this week attended the Easter Sunday Service in Windsor with her grandmother, The Queen.
The daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Countess of Wessex is the elder sister to little nine-year-old James, Viscount Severn.
April 29, 2017 will mark six years since Wills and Kate tied the knot.

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