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Outrage over Prince William's absence from the Women's FIFA World Cup Final

Queen Letizia of Spain shows up the British Royals to support her national team!

By Grace Goumas
Queen Letizia of Spain really showed up Prince William as she attended and celebrated with Spain's soccer team at the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Sydney.
William has decided to opt out of the World Cup and was wishing them luck from afar but with the Queen of Spain being present its sparked controversy.
The question is; is it really that deep?
Queen Letizia celebrating Spain's World Cup win with the players! Getty
Many fans are pointing out that William has flown out for men's World Cups in the past but not for the women's, specifically for England's final in the Rugby World Cup at the same Sydney stadium 20 years ago.
Fans and world leaders are urging for British leaders to show support for Women's sports not just from afar. X (formally Twitter)
As president of England's Football Association, it was expected that he would jump at the opportunity to be there to support England, a video message was sent in his place instead.
Although we hate to shut you down, last year he didn't attend the men's world cup in Qatar due to distance as he is being much more aware of his carbon footprint (although they weren't in the finals).
This year it's the same reason as well as concerns about the diplomatic ramification of going to Australia before King Charles (although it was seemingly fine for Princess Anne).
Mary Earps amazing save against Spain! Getty
We do acknowledge that this should've definitely been a priority for Prince William following England's win in the Euros.
Studio 10's Angela Bishop labelled the decision a "disgrace" and that he should've chosen "... not to make a video with his daughter but get her on a plane with him,"
Other national leaders have intervened and shared their opinions as well as Mandu Reid, the leader of the Women's Equality party, told MailOnline it was
"utterly ridiculous that England wasn't and still isn't prepared to celebrate the women's World Cup final".
Prince William with the Lionesses before their send-off for the World Cup. Getty
There wasn't just disappointment for Prince William but also for the Prime Minister, the Men's England team manager Gareth Southgate or just any royal in general not being in attendance.
This is especially upsetting after two teams of the commonwealth, England and Australia made it into the semi-finals after over 60 years of neither men's nor women's soccer qualifying for both countries.
The royals just aren't showing enough support for women's sports and hopefully, after the backlash, they will be ready to give women's sports the credit they deserve.

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