British Royal Family

Tom Cruise just met royalty's Top Gun aka Prince Philip

And we thought this would be a Mission Impossible...

By Chloe Lal
Tinseltown's crowning jewel dropped by Buckingham Palace for a positively grand affair.
On Wednesday, March 8, Prince Philip hosted the 75th anniversary of the Outward Bound Trust.
One of the distinguished guests joining the Duke of Edinburgh was none other than Tom Cruise.
Prince Philip happily hosted the Hollywood actor.
"By George, you know the Queen!" Tom seems a little excited...
Both the Prince and movie star rocked black tuxedos.
At the event, the pair were spotted acting jovial and happily chatting to one another.
We'd love to hear the internal monologue going through the Tom's head...
The few snaps taken from the evening showed the 54-year-old was absolutely thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with her Majesty's beau.
Somebody, get the man a couch. STAT!
Suri's father was at the palace to help celebrate the Outward Bound Trust's grand milestone.
For the past 75 years, the charity has been helping young people achieve their potential through outdoor pursuits.
The Duke, now 95 years old, has been their royal patron since 1999 and they work alongside Prince Philip's beloved Duke of Edinburgh initiative.
The actor is an avid supporter of the charity.
So how and why did Tom land an invite to such a VIP royal shindig?
By invitation of course!
Buckingham Palace explained of their surprising guest, “He was invited as he is a supporter of the Outward Bound Trust.”
A friend close to Tom revealed to People he was very pleased to be a part of the evening.
“It was a lovely evening for a worthy cause. He had a great time," a source said.