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Prince Philip's crash victim calls for his prosecution: "He was highly insensitive and inconsiderate"

The crash victim has called for justice, claiming the Duke's treatment was not the same as her own.

By Jess Pullar
Being in a car accident is bad enough, but being in one with a royal family member and having the entire world watching you... well, it couldn't get much worse.
And the woman who was injured in the accident, which saw Prince Philip's car flipped on its side, is calling for justice - regardless of social status.
Taking to national British television show This Morning, Emma Fairweather, who was sporting a cast on her broken left wrist following the accident said she wants the 97-year-old royal to face prosecution if he is found to be at fault.
"I feel that his treatment has not been the same as mine," she told the presenters.
Prince Philip's crash victim has called for justice. (Images: Getty (L), ITV (R))
The 46-year-old, who was driving with a baby and a friend was "lucky to be alive" following the accident, and her call for action comes after Philip was seen driving without a seat belt just days after the crash.
"There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life here or not," she said.
Fairweather reinforced that she was still waiting to give a statement to the police, telling the presenters: "I need somebody to understand that I still have medical concerns. I'm very worried that I haven't been asked for a statement from the police."
Emma also said she had received a message from one of the Queen's aides, but not Elizabeth herself, as previous reports claimed.
"She [the Queen's aide] left me a voicemail... to say that the Queen wished me well, and that she would like to call me back but she was going out for the evening."
The crash saw Philip's car flipped, and left Emma Fairweather with a broken arm. (Image: Getty)
Earlier this week, Fairweather was also interviewed by The Sunday Mirror, whom she told she was disappointed by the royal family's way of dealing with the ordeal.
"I know the Queen is a busy lady but I was really excited at the idea she might phone me," she told the publication.
"Instead, I got a call from a police family liaison officer. The message he passed on didn't even make sense. He said, 'The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.' That's not an apology or even a well-wish."
What's more, the Daily Express reported that the Duke of Edinburgh's senior advisers are concerned about his driving, but are too frightened to tell him to give it up.
A source told the publication that his advisers have "long been concerned about his driving but have been waved away by the irascible Duke of Edinburgh."
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According to the Daily Mail, Prince Philip told onlookers at the scene of the crash that he was dazzled by the low sun, which ultimately led to the crash.
He came out of the crash unscathed, although a little shaken.
He has since been to hospital for a "precautionary check-up" and an eye test, which he passed, as part of the investigation of the accident.

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