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The famed Duke of Edinburgh Award, and his dedication to environment: This is what Australians are remembering Prince Philip for

The British royal has made a big impact in his 99 years.

By Jess Pullar
When a royal death is announced, the shock and sadness is felt in every corner - Australia included.
Our country has witnessed decades of royal events - be it dressing up and tuning into royal weddings, lining up for hours to catch a glimpse of a royal mid-tour, or even flying to the UK to take the mandatory photo outside Buckingham Palace and visiting the Queen's country's iconic royal castles.
Yes, the British royals have captured our attention and affection over the years - but none have made an impact quite like Prince Philip.
As Prince Philip's death was announced on April 9, there was no denying the heartbreak felt across Australia.
The Duke of Edinburgh visited our country many times, as well as connecting with our people in many ways - often personally.
The Weekly has been there to cover some of his biggest moments, especially those that took place here.
The below 1954 cover is case in point. Following the Queen's coronation in 1953, she and Prince Philip travelled to Australia, where they sailed into Sydney Harbour to a rousing crowd.
The front cover of The Australian Women's Weekly in 1954 show the young royals on one of their first big royal tours. (The Australian Women's Weekly)
Now, Philip's connection to the people of Australia, and the legacy he leaves with Australians will live on.
That much was quickly made clear in the hours and days after his death. Flags across Australia's iconic landmarks flew at half mast, while Prime Minster Scott Morrison voiced his thoughts in his own words.
"As the Governor-General reminded us last night, he visited our country on more than 20 occasions," Morrison said in a statement.
He continued: "In that crowning tour when he had joined the new Queen in great ceremony and great excitement here in Australia.
"There were also moments of deep compassion, in particular in the terrible bushfires of 1967 in Tasmania, where he comforted the victims and he toured the burnt out Cascade Brewery.
"There are many towering figures that the world has lost and known, but few have been before us in our lifetimes for such a long time.
"His presence and service are reassurance, a reminder of the stability we so often need in a world that can be so uncertain."
Philip left a lasting impression on many. (Getty)
The Weekly then turned to you, our readers, to hear your favourite memories and personal anecdotes about The Duke.
Here are some of the memories you shared.
"My father, now 82, tells of him and his friends calling out in Greek to Prince Philip back in 1956. The Prince turned and replied "Hello boys!" in Greek. My father was new in Australia and only 16 years old," one reader shares.
Another remembers his socially driven initiative The Duke of Edinburgh Award, which was a key youth development program helping thousands of Australians progress through different levels completing social, environmental and forward thinking challenges.
If you progressed high enough, The Duke himself awarded the honour in person.
"Meeting [Philip] whilst receiving my Duke of Edinburgh Award at St James Palace!" Our reader explains.
"I was very lucky!"
Philip's inspiring presence was immense - especially during the Queen's first few decades of leadership. (Getty)
Another commented on his dedication to the environment and sustainability - something he worked hard on for decades by launching initiatives and shining a light on those who were fighting for change in the space.
One reader says this work summed up their favourite memory of him: "He spread awareness about environmental issues way before they were talked about."
Philip was a keen conversationalist. (Getty)
And now, as we lament and farewell the incredible life of Philip, it is with admiration and fondness that we remember legacy.
At 99, he had a ripe old life, filled with ups and downs, but beyond that, he left memories that will last not only a lifetime, but for generations to come.
Rest in peace, Philip.

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