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Prince Harry’s touching tribute to an injured American veteran

Here he goes, melting hearts again - Prince Harry has surprised the family of an injured US Army veteran by featuring their gorgeous children on his Christmas card.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
For this year’s festive offering, the 32-year-old prince decided to use a touching image of himself standing between US Army veteran Anthony Radetic’s daughter Ana-Maria, 10, and son Vinko, five.
The chance encounter took place during the Orlando Invictus Games this May, which Prince Harry organised for service personnel.
The Radetic family, who were at the games to support their father and US competitor Anthony, only discovered the incredible turn of events as they received a copy of the exclusive card in the mail.
In the hopes of surprising the family, Harry managed to tracked down their address in Abbeville, Alabama.
The card, scrawled in Harry’s own handwriting, read: 'To the Radetic family, Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year and thank you for making [underlined] my Christmas card! Harry.”
What an amazing result from a chance encounter!
Proud dad Anthony, whose career as a fighter pilot tragically ended due to a spinal cord injury caused by a motorbike accident in 2004, took to social media to reveal the exciting news.
He wrote: “What an honour to receive a Christmas card from Prince Harry and to have my kids on it with the prince himself!”
According to The Mirror, Anthony said, “I’m truly honoured and am so grateful to Prince Harry for doing this.”
“He is definitely my top pick as the best celebrity out there, spokesperson and just kind person.”
Proud Dad Anthony shared this adorable picture of his kids Ana-Maria and Vinko as they appeared on news program WTVY to talk about the incredible experience.
He added: “The Invictus Games is a big event and I really appreciate everything that the Royal Family has done to organise it.”
“It’s definitely a life-changer for a lot of soldiers out there, finding a new drive.”
“This for me just caps off the year, it’s amazing.”
Anthony took three years to come to terms with the fact that he would never walk again but he has since become an inspiration to military men everywhere.
Speaking with WTVY, little Ana-Maria revealed just how she managed to snag a picture with the prince.
"I was pretty much determined to get a picture with him. We kind of went through security and all… But, we just tapped on his shoulder and said can we have a picture with you, and he said, yeah… sure," said Ana-Maria.
Before adding, "It was really amazing, the fact that I am talking to.. Prince Harry, a Prince."
The touching card was received by Harry’s close friends and family but, unlike last year, was not released by Kensington Palace.
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