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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan celebrate exciting baby news with close friend, Tom Inskip

Godparent duties might be calling...

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are proud parents to their one-year-old son Archie, and it seems his list of playmates is growing by the day.
Alongside the two family dogs, a beagle and a black labrador, Archie has been settling into his new life in LA with plenty of rough and tumble - but an extra young pal would definitely not go amiss.
That's why when Prince Harry's close friend Tom Inskip's baby news was revealed this week, Harry and Meghan had every reason to celebrate.
Inskip, who is married to wife Lara, have had a baby son, named Albert, according to a new report from the Mail on Sunday.
Harry and Tom have been close friends since childhood, with both Tom and Lara attending Harry and Meghan's nuptials two years ago in May 2018.
It was also suggested when Lara's pregnancy came to light in December last year that Harry's closeness with the pair might render him perfect for a very special role in the new baby's life - as godfather.
Tom Inskip has welcomed a baby boy with his wife, Lara. (Getty)
To add to the mix, Tom and Lara both live in the US, meaning they'll be even closer to Harry and Meghan - Albert and Archie playdates will no doubt be scheduled very soon.
Tom is one of Harry's oldest friends - in fact, it was he who Harry shared many a wild night out with back in the Prince's rebellious "party" days.
Oh how things have changed!
Shortly after Harry and Meghan's relationship fully came to light, they also attended Tom and Lara's wedding together back in 2017.
Prince Harry and Meghan have plenty to be getting on with as they settle into their new home in LA. (Getty)
The Duke and Duchess seem to be settling into life in LA quite well.
Earlier in May, the pair shared a sweet video from inside their current residence, as Meghan read Archie a story.
The video, posted on the toddler's first birthday, was shared via the charity, Save the Children.
And it seems that the pair have plenty more work to be done in that space - they recently announced the name of their new charitable foundation, Archewell, which will serve as an umbrella for all the socially conscious work they continue to do.
And as for their US pals, perhaps Archie and Albert will grow up together thick as thieves, just like their dads!
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