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Prince Harry and Meghan stole our wedding day!

Meet the couples who will be competing for their guest's attention, and are set to wed on the same day as Harry and Megs!

Meet the real-life couples whose weddings have been hi-jacked by the royal mania - and not all of them seem to mind!
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The Outback Affair

George and Petra are having a low-key wedding.
Petra Guse and George Morrissey are getting hitched on the same day as Meghan and Harry, but the WA couple couldn't give a toss about the rival nuptials!
"When I first heard Harry and Meghan had chosen May 19 I thought, 'Ohhh, that's our day,'" says Petra of the date chosen by her and her FIFO worker fiance.
But, she says, their outback wedding will be the "polar opposite of the royals".
Petra and 31-year-old George's guests will travel 650km north of Perth to the remote Meeline Station to "rough it". There's no phone reception or television at the station in the heart of red-dust country, either.
"Everything's pretty low-key for us," says vet Petra, 33.
"I'm guessing Harry and Meghan won't be asking their guests to bring a swag and sleep outside afterwards like we are!"

A Flying Coincidence

People tell Sean he even looks a bit like the Prince!
Image credit: Life and Love Photography
When Harry and Meghan revealed they used to spend hours flying around the country just to see each other for a few days, audiologist Kate Boundy and recruiter Sean Halligan could more than relate.
The Brisbane couple spent their first three years together jetting back and forth across Australia while Sean's job saw him working in different states.
"We missed each other so much, but neither of us ever considered splitting up," says Kate, 25.
The pair had booked their big day at Yandina Station, on the Sunshine Coast, months before they learned the royal wedding date.
The parallels don't stop there.
"People have made a few jokes that Harry and I have the same pale skin," says Sean, 26. "I'm a shade or two off ginger, too."

The Royal After Party

He may not have received an invitation to the royal wedding, but Josh Hillman has had his fair share of encounters with the prince!
"I played cricket against Prince Harry at school in the UK," says Josh, 33. "I also bumped into him on a random night out years later!"
Josh, a sales director, and marketing manager Franky Stevens, 27 – Brits living in Sydney – are happy to be saying "I do" on the same day.
"The royals feel like family to us," says Franky. "There's something about the ceremony that gets everyone excited, patriotic and smiling – we are sure it will add an air of electricity."
The couple have promised to air the wedding at their reception.
"All eyes will be glued to the screen for it!"

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