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Prince Harry's latest outing with kids will give you all the feels

The 32-year-old wasn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and show off his gardening skills.

By Bella Brennan
Prince Harry's latest appearance has once again demonstrated his natural ability with kids.
Fresh from his Jamaican getaway with girlfriend Meghan Markle, the royal has returned to work with a spring in his step.
On Wednesday, March 15, Harry paid a visit to North London’s Epping Forest where dropped by the Field Studies Centre at High Beach.
Here, he met with local school children who work closely with conservation efforts for the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.
The QCC is a conservation project which aims to create a global network of indigenous forests to help communities and wildlife alike.
Wasting no time to channel his inner Dale from The Castle, the fifth in line to throne acquired a shovel and got to work planting a tree with the children.
The Prince's latest royal engagement was on behalf of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.
The 32-year-old rolled up his sleeves and dug a hole for his plant.
The royal wasn't afraid to poke fun of himself, telling the students he hand't quite inherited his father Prince Charles' green thumb and his own flowers had blossomed too early.
"He said his own daffodils had come out a bit too early so wouldn’t last. He wasn’t happy about that," school officer Kate Masters explained.
Side note: Prince Harry grows daffodils!#@$! Could he be a more perfect human?
During the outing, Harry revealed he grows daffodils.
At the outdoors gathering, Harry also unveiled a plaque which celebrated Epping Forest's work with the QCC.
As he wraps up one important outing, it's believed he is bracing for another.
Reports out of the UK claim Harry is set to introduce Meghan to his grandmother, The Queen, on March 26, which is Mother's Day in Europe.
"Meghan is headed to meet the Queen on Mother’s Day," an insider told The Daily Star.
"She’s already been given the green light from Prince Charles, the next step is the Prince’s grandmother."
Say cheese!
New reports claim Meghan is set to meet Queen Elizabeth on March 26.