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Prince Harry pays a secret visit to Princess Diana’s AIDS hospital

The hospital held great significance for the young Prince's mother.

By Elizabeth Best
Princess Diana never wanted attention for her charitable work, often visiting certain causes without notifying the press.
And now Prince Harry is once again following in her footsteps, secretly visiting AIDS patients at a hospital very close to his mother’s heart.
Barely hours after Harry had returned from his summer in Africa, and he was off to visit the Mildmay Mission Hospital in east London, according to People Magazine.
This venue is particularly important to the 32-year-old Prince, as it was where his mother famously held the hand of a man dying of the disease, and kissed him on the cheek in 1989.
WATCH: Prince Harry remembers Diana in fight against AIDS. Post continues after the video...
Breaking down the taboo: The world was shocked when Diana got so close to an AIDS victim back in 1989.
As AIDS was shrouded in mystery at the time, this was seen as a brave and heartwarming gesture on the part of the Princess.
He’s previously made public appearances at the facility but this time he wanted to check in on the hospital in secret.
His previous visits to the centre have been highly publicised before he arrived.
According to the publication, the young royal spent time talking to staff and meeting patients.
And whereas his last visit was a whirlwind press trip in July, he only had time to mark the hospital’s 150th anniversary, this time he was able to pace himself.
Harry wanted time to speak to as many patients as he could.
It's just as Diana would have done.
"He had a chance to speak to staff there for a bit longer," Harry’s spokesman told People.
"He met with patients and spent some time learning a bit more about the work there."
"He is continuing to learn more about HIV as a virus, and he was able to talk to them about his work on testing, which he is very interested in."
Prince Harry wishes he'd talked more about his mother after her death. Watch his heartbreaking admission in the clip below.

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