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Prince Harry opens up about naked Las Vegas incident

He made headlines around the world for baring all in Las Vegas now, more than two years later, Prince Harry has revealed how he feels about the incident.
In an interview with Man of the World magazine the 30-year-old admits it certainly wasn’t the behaviour of a prince.
"It was probably a classic case of me being too much Army and not enough prince,” he said. “It's a simple case of that."
Harry, dubbed the partying Prince, was pictured naked in his VIP suit playing strip billiards with a group of friends.
At the time, the royal family tried to settle the situation, with Clarence House first releasing a statement confirming that it is indeed the prince in the photos, before unsuccessfully trying to stop the images running in UK publications.
Just a few months later, Harry was sent on a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was given a real wake up call.
“I saw some horrendous things," he said.
"The tragic injuries and deaths of local people from roadside bombs, some of whom were children; coalition forces lying in the battlefield.
"To see young lads – much younger than me – wrapped in plastic and missing limbs with hundreds of tubes coming out of them was something I never prepared myself for."
"He has a genuine compassion and understanding of the issues at hand, drawn from his own very personal experiences,” a close confident of the prince told the magazine.

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