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Prince Harry has a brush with Nottingham Police during latest outing

Don't worry, the cheeky royal wasn’t in trouble, he was just opening a new precinct!

By Elizabeth Best
Prince Harry’s latest royal duties have had him front up to the Nottingham Police department.
But fear not, the young royal wasn’t on the wrong side of the law, he was opening the new Central Police Station!
People lined the streets to welcome Harry, presenting him with his favourite Harribo sweets.
One lady even gifted the dapper Prince with a single long-stem white rose, which he found dearly touching.
Royal fans blocked the streets.
Harry was truly touched when a woman bought him a white rose. #PrinceHarryForBachelor2017
During his visit, he toured the precinct, and learned all about the plans to get young people involved in policing through the Police Cadets.
After addressing serious topics such as youth offenders, Harry took a moment to poke fun at an officer sitting at his desk.
"Are you actually working?"
Leaning over Inspector Paul Gummer as the officer tapped away at his keyboard, the Prince asked: “Are you actually working or not? You could be working. The jury's out.”
His next stop on his Nottingham day out was to the National Ice Centre skating rink.
Check out those guns!
When he arrived at the centre, kids who were involved a coaching training program were throwing around a rugby ball and, naturally, Prince Harry was keen to get involved.
The royal couldn’t keep the emotion off his face when some of the kids missed their targets by barely a hair’s breadth.
Watch Harry showing off his skills and sport with the kids in the video below. Post continues...
Missed it by that much!
Once inside the rink, Harry neglected to don a pair of skates himself, but was eagerly encouraging people to go out and have a whirl around.
“Me and ice don’t go,” he explained with a laugh in response to why he wasn’t keen to skate.
Even when he was told he was getting a gift of his own set of ice skates, Harry remained resolute.
“Gifts are fine but don't expect me to get on the ice,” he said.
Don't worry, Harry's an awkward skater too!
He even had a giggle or two at some people who were trying their best not to slip on the precarious ice.
“That's exactly how I look on the ice as well!” he said with a laugh.
The National Ice Centre is part of the Prince’s Coach Core initiative which provides young people the pathways they need to make it into coaching and mentoring roles.
Harry is reportedly thrilled to be involved in a program that teaches kids how to coach and also how to support others through their lives.
Prince Harry refuses to take selfies... find out why in the clip below!

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