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CONFIRMED: The first stop of Harry and Meghan's overseas tour finally revealed - find out where they're heading!

The royals are a-coming, and they're bringing a precious cargo.

By Jess Pullar
Brace yourselves South Africa, because Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are a-coming, and its likely they're bringing a very special guest.
In news that has delighted residents of the African country, it has been confirmed that Meghan and Harry's upcoming tour of the continent will include a visit to South Africa.
Indeed the brand new parents are understood to be heading there in October during the British autumn - just months after welcoming their first son Archie in early May.
The British High Commissioner to South Africa Nigel Casey confirmed the exciting news on Wednesday.
Speaking to press, he explained exactly why the royal visit was "great news".
"I predict it's also great news for the South African economy, I predict a hat and frock buying frenzy that could well boost the economy all on its own," he comically said.
He's certainly not wrong - during Meghan and Harry's royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, the Duchess of Sussex wore over 30 different outfits by various international and local designers.
And the benefits of wearing said local designers was abundantly clear - the 'Meghan Effect' was in full force as each of her fashion-forward garments sold out within minutes of her stepping out in each.
And in one such instance, Meghan's divine navy-blue Dion Lee dress even caused the Australian designer's website to crash as people flocked to view his dress online.
At the time, Lee said he'd never seen anything like it.
Meghan's Dion Lee dress worn in Melbourne sent fans wild as they flocked to buy it online before it sold out. (Image: Getty Images)
So with that being said, it's undeniable that Meghan and Harry's visit to South Africa will boost local economy as Meghan dons clothing from local designers.
And for fashion fiends, it's a win all-round as we'll have ample opportunity to see the Duchess wear an array of different outfits - all of which will be selected carefully and with thought - bring it on!
Prince Harry and Meghan will likely bring a an array of anecdotes and colour for royal fans to feast their eyes on during the whirlwind tour in October. (Image: Getty Images)

Will baby Archie go to South Africa?

At this stage, it is unconfirmed as to whether Archie will go to the African country with Harry and Meghan, although all signs point to yes.
Indeed reports have claimed the royals have every intention of bringing their new baby son across the seas with them on their travels, and we can hardly blame them - who'd want to leave that adorable little tyke behind!
WATCH: The sweet moment Duchess Meghan strokes baby Archie. Story continues after video...
And Africa itself poses plenty of amazing opportunities for the new family, who are quickly making a name for themselves as a powerhouse of three.
It is believed the family will stop in Malawi which has close ties to Harry's own charity Sentebale. It's also likely they'll stop in Angola where the couple will learn more about the landmine clearing efforts currently underway.
And finally, a quick stop in Botswana most definitely would not go amiss - Harry and Meghan share a special connection with the place given they enjoyed one of their first private holidays there together.
In fact, Harry sourced Meghan's central stone in her engagement ring from the same location - so we'd be surprised if they didn't head there with their new son.
Suffice to say we can't wait for the stunning scenes undoubtedly to come from this royal tour. The countdown is on!

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