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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan go full-on floral in Fiji

The royal couple has enthusiastically embraced island fashion.

By Ruth Devine
The royal couple was out and about in Fiji's capital Suva today and judging by the festoons of florals they both sported, life in the tropics agrees with them.
The royal word of the day is "florals". (Image: Getty Images)
Who hasn't dug around in the back of the wardrobe to pull out a tropical print shirt like Prince Harry when they're packing for their holidays?
Correction: Whose dad hasn't done that?
Prince Charles is renowned for becoming Island Charles as soon as the temperature goes over 25 degrees while Prince William is not averse to a relaxed holiday vibe while in the tropics either. See the evidence below.
"It's new. Does it become me?" Prince Charles providing evidence that royal island wardrobe choices are genetic. (Image: Getty Images)
Prince William didn't quite go the full floral hog but this fluro pink number made him quite the island dandy! (Image: Getty Images)
Now it seems Prince Charles' youngest son is carrying on the royal tradition of wearing a shirt that was probably last seen at a Buckingham Palace Hawaiian luau party, by wearing a fetching blue number while he and Duchess Meghan were carrying out official duties at the University of the South Pacific to mark its 50th celebrations today.
"Palm fronds are in, right?" (Image: Getty Images)
Note his expression. While there's no denying that the shirt shows off his brilliant sky blue peepers to perfection, Prince Harry does look a mite uncomfortable. As if his wife told him to wear it. Did you, Meghan? Did you?
The Royal Tour continues in Fijian floral fashion today. (Image: Getty Images)
We don't blame you. Trying to balance royal dignity with suitable attire in the heat and humidity of Fiji must be a nightmare but just like generations of Brits abroad before him, Prince Harry was steadfastly holding on to his trusty chinos and desert boots.
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Gazing adoringly at the pregnant duchess while she gave her first speech of the Royal Tour to university students in which she spoke passionately about the importance of education, Prince Harry then went on to himself make a speech in his capacity as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.
But despite Prince Harry's foray into florals, it was his wife who drew all the admiring glances with her particular brand of royal fashion.
For Duchess Meghan was blooming in a bright blue and pink tiered silk Figue Frederica printed ruffle dress that featured a wrap silhouette with a v-neckline, long sleeves and asymmetrical ruffle hem with pom poms and seashell detailing. Adorable. Even more so because it highlighted the oh-so sweet Royal Bump.
Duchess Meghan! Pom poms! Frangipani! Royal Bump! (Image: Getty Images)
The duchess finished off her pretty look with a pair of black wedge espadrilles (the same ones she kicked off on Bondi Beach last week), a traditional Fijian woven clutch and frangipani blooms in her signature relaxed up do.
The pregnant royal looked relaxed and happy (unlike some we could – and will – mention) in Fiji today. (Image: Getty Images)
Clasping hands as they walked among the cheering crowds who'd come out in their droves to greet them, you could almost hear the smiling duchess hiss at her new husband, "Will you please, just relax."
"Smile and go with the florals, will ya?" (Image: Getty Images)
He may not have felt completely comfortable out of his usual suit and tie/military uniform today but who knows what another night under Fijian skies will do for Prince Harry's royal wardrobe?
Fortunately, socks and sandals were not on the agenda today. We await tomorrow's blue-blooded style files with baited breath.