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EXCLUSIVE: We met Prince Harry and this is what he's really like

We’re never washing our hands again…

By Chloe Lal and Bella Brennan
Prince Harry has taken Sydney by storm – quite literally.
Here to launch the 2018 Invictus Games, Harry brought the dreary London weather with him today as he stopped by Circular Quay for over half-an-hour to meet with fans.
Now to Love were on the ground during his walk-about and were lucky enough to meet the Queen's grandson and despite being soaked from head-to-toe – every drop of rain was worth it!
Here's what we learnt from our date with Prince Harry (and several hundred punters)…

Believe the hype - there is something magical about him, says Senior Entertainment Writer Chloe Lal

Braving what can only be described as the love child of a cyclone and a flood, I stood side-by-side with the most dedicated of royal fans at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.
The rain and I became intimate friends, and time stood still in my quest to get a glimpse of the man that's uncle to Prince George, Meghan Markle's beau, and of course, Princess Diana's living, breathing legacy.
Harry was set to greet us at 2pm and staying true to his punctual self, bang on cue, the sound of a mass engine blasted from the marina.
Because Prince Harry is secretly James Bond, he arrived on a black jet boat. In the pouring rain. With no umbrella holder.
He knows how to make a rock star arrival.
^What was going through our head when he stepped out of the boat.
People across the globe have spoken about how the 32-year-old is so much like his mother and it's true. Like Princess Diana, he's kind and compassionate, and seeing him talk to everyone, as the rain descended every ounce of its being onto us, it was clear all these statements and observations were actual fact.
Harry genuinely wanted to know how your day was, he thanked everyone for taking the time to wait for him. If I had to drill it down to one word, he's humble.
I then got to witness something that my grandchildren's children will be told in years to come. My work BFF Bella exchanged words with the man that is Prince Harry.
I could have had a conversation myself, but being the unashamed royals-enthusiast that I am, I was busy in the midst of an outer-body experience as the charming prince stood in front of me (cool factor: approximately zero).
To be completely honest, I felt like my head was under water and I was watching something on a parallel universe. Words were spoken by him while I simply froze, before touching his arm. Creepy? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes.
Joined by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the weather didn't rain on Harry's parade.

He’s forgiving

Victoria McRae made headlines during Prince Harry's last trip to Sydney in 2015.
The overzealous fan famously planted a rogue kiss on the royal's lips during a meet-and-greet and now two years later, the 23-year-old was back to make amends with the star.
Speaking with Now To Love, Victoria told us her fictional boyfriend had a chuckle when they were reunited today.
"He was probably a bit weary of me but I think we made amends from my last cheeky kiss. We got to shake hands, I gave him a photo of us [from 2015]," she said.
"He just looked at me and was like 'Oh gosh, it's you again!' Then I just said: 'it was great meeting you the first time!'"
As for why Victoria is so enamoured by the prince, she says it all comes down to his charismatic personality.
"He's just very cheeky and I'm a big fan of Princess Diana and he stands for a lot of good causes. He's very down to earth and a real natural around people."
Never forget: Victoria came armed with a tiara and a photo of their smooch from two years ago.
Flashback: Who could forget THIS moment in 2015. Victoria says she's happy Harry has found girlfriend Meghan Markle.

He's charm personified, says Entertainment Editor Bella Brennan

These are words I never imagined I'd get to say but today, I shook Prince Harry's rain-soaked hand and had a fleeting conversation that I can't even recall because I was getting lost in his dreamy eyes while trying not to drown in the puddle of rain water flooding my boots.
Putting lippie on and brushing my hair for the prince proved futile. By the time we met, I resembled a water-logged rat but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Remembering that Harry loathes selfies, my colleague Chloe and I vowed that we'd live in the moment and pop our phones away should he come and talk to us.
Our approach paid off and Harry stopped by for a chat. He thanked us for waiting out in the rain and raved about his love of Sydney.
He didn't cut one corner of the crowd and gave every person from every walk of life, the time of day. It's fair to say everyone there floated home on a Prince Harry high.
He's inherited his mother's brand of magic and brings joy where ever he goes.
In person, he's everything you could hope for and more. Warm, funny, the king of eye contact, super chatty and yes, a total dreamboat even when he's sopping wet – seeing him in the flesh it's easy to understand why he's the most popular and powerful royal player.
I might not have a selfie to prove our moment happened but our encounter will be etched into my mind forever.
WATCH: Now To Love go deep in the trenches to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry! Post continues after the video...
He embraced the rain and the crowd loved him for it.
Now To Love's Bella and Chloe, drenched and deliriously happy.

He really is selfless

20-year-old Isabelle Whitehead and her work colleagues from the Tea Cosy café in The Rocks went above and beyond to make sure they made a memorable impression on Prince Harry.
The group dressed up in kitsch and colourful aprons and had platters of tea and scones on offer for the Invictus Games patron.
"Our shop is 50 meters down the road so we decided to bring Harry a cup of tea and some scones to warm him up," Isabelle explained to NTL.
"He definitely appreciated the gesture and was very kind, he was like 'You should have the cup of tea! You've been standing in the rain!'"
The café worker couldn't quite believe the fifth in line to the British throne braved the rain and spoke to everyone in the crowd.
"He comes to events even when it's raining like this – he's so enthusiastic and lovely and happy to chat to people like me!"
Harry insisted he didn't deserve the tea and his well-wishers should have it instead.
The royal was blown away by the group's efforts.

The Invictus Games mean so much to him

Avid royal fan and author Sophie Green says Prince Harry's passion for the Invictus Games is contagious.
"As much as the Paralympics are really important to represent Paralympic sports - I think Invictus gives it another angle," Sophie explained to NTL
"The principles of the Invictus Games overcoming adversity, working hard for what you believe in – people in the armed forces know all of that. We still have people overseas, living with the effects of the time that they served. So the games are really important for them."
Sophie thinks the monarchy still has a crucial role in today's society and Prince Harry's impressive work ethic is keeping them more relevant than ever.
"Prince Harry in particular take the responsibilities very seriously. I think they're in that mode – to have visible public service for people who could theoretically spend their lives on a desert island enjoying themselves, I think that's really important.
"I think he does amazing work, in his mother's tradition – and I want to support his work."

He's the People's Prince

In 2015, war widow Daphne Dunne met Prince Harry and the nation swooned when he kissed her on the cheek.
Today, 97-year-old Daphne dutifully camped out again for SEVEN hours and was reunited with the royal.
"He does a lot for everyone but he seems to dote on soldiers that have been wounded, and they've had some part of them amputated, that's the reason, it doesn't matter about me, he helps make them feel a bit better," she explained to Sunrise.
Clearly touched, Prince Harry remembered Daphne and remarked: "Oh, it's you," before swooping in to embrace her.
We're just going to leave this here...
Never change Harry, never change.
Daphne and the Prince in 2015...
In a truly touching moment, the pair were reunited today.