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Prince Harry makes secret trip to see Meghan Markle in Toronto

It seems the loved-up royal can’t bear to be away from his new lady for too long.

By Elizabeth Best
When news broke of Prince Harry’s secret relationship with US TV actress Meghan Markle, he was said to have cancelled a trip to Toronto to see her.
But according to recent reports, he couldn’t wait to see his love, and flew to her side anyway!
Hello! magazine says the inseparable pair spent Halloween together.
The Prince is also said to have even gone trick-or-treating with his new girlfriend!
Harry reportedly popped over to Canada for a sneaky visit.
The publication says Harry wore a mask to avoid being detected and partied with the Suits star at Soho House Toronto, a member’s club that is so exclusive, it requires at least two of the club’s existing members to vouch for you.
Reports say the 32-year-old royal flew out to Canada after wrapping up a full day of engagements in Nottingham.
Harry has been giddy with happiness since meeting Meghan.
Meghan and Harry are then said to have spent most of their time together lounging around in the 35-year-old actress’s apartment, and trying to hide from the media.
The pair has yet to be pictured together and are doing everything they can to retain the shroud of secrecy, at least for a little longer.
Neither Meghan nor Harry have addressed their relationship to the media.
Meanwhile sources have revealed who introduced the new couple to Hello.
The insider says Mischa Nonoo, wife of Harry’s school friend Alexander Gilkes, was the one who played matchmaker.
Harry's lucky his friend introduced him to Meghan!
Misha is reportedly very close with Meghan and the pair have holidayed in Spain together.
She is also friends with Princess Eugenie and, of course, Prince Harry.
It’s also been revealed that Meghan has been married before.
Although she split from her most recent boyfriend, chef Cory Vitiello, in July, Meghan was married to her high school sweetheart Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013.
Traditionally, royals have lost their position in line to the throne for marrying divorcees, but Queen Elizabeth has changed protocol on this, allowing Prince Charles to marry Duchess Camilla.
Prince Harry has already introduced Meghan to Prince Charles! How did it go? Find out in the video below!

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