British Royal Family

Prince Harry suffered a major fashion malfunction at the Van Straubenzee wedding

Did you spot it?

By Bettina Tyrrell
The world has been all too preoccupied with Meghan Markle's apparent wardrobe malfunction at the wedding of Charlie Van Straubenzee to Daisy Jenks in Surrey, over the weekend that we failed to notice Prince Harry's major fashion faux pas!
Eagle-eyed royal watchers were quick to spot an inch of lace (possibly from her bra or a camisole) peeking out from under the collar of Meghan's gorgeous Club Monaco colour-block dress.
What they didn't notice was an even greater royal wardrobe malfunction, Prince Harry's shoes!
Oops! Meghan's button came unclasped revealing a hint of lace.
The Duke of Sussex has upped his fashion game in recent years - perhaps an influence of his stylish wife Meghan - however, Harry got it a tad wrong at the wedding where he reportedly acted as best man for his childhood friend Charlie.
The Duke looked dashing in a black dress coat over a sapphire waist coat, grey tie, pin-stripe pants and black lace-up brogues as he approached the Surrey church, hand-in-hand with Meghan.
Yet as he walked, the Prince revealed a noticeably large hole in the sole of his shoes!
Nothing to see here, the couple look stunning and fashion-mishap-free.
Until...A close up of Harry's black brogues reveals the Prince has a hole in his sole!
Perhaps the Prince has been too busy to have his favourite shoes resoled. Or, maybe he was too distracted admiring his beautiful wife he didn't even notice the hole.
Either way, Harry proves not every occasion needs a new outfit, something he may have learnt from his late mother Princess Diana, who made recycling fashion iconic.
In fact, at a previous wedding attended by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it was Meghan who rewore a pair of shoes. And not just any old stiletto, she wore her wedding heels!