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Prince Harry returns from a boar hunting trip - how does animal lover Meghan feel about his hobby?

Prince Harry has surprised us by going hunting.

By Holly Royce and Yours Staff
Prince Harry spent a recent weekend in Germany on a hunting trip with a group of friends. Between them, they shot and killed 15 wild boar in Gorlsdorf, Brandenburg, alongside 60 other huntsmen on a two day hunt.
The event was organised by Harry's close friend Franz-Albrecht zu Oettingen-Spielberg, and took place on his family estate. Harry arrived by private jet and is rumoured to have taken along his own weapons.
Harry, 33, has previously been photographed with a water buffalo he'd legally shot in Argentina, although it's unclear whether he hit any boar over the weekend.
We're also unsure about the nature of the trip - it might have been a recreational activity for the prince and his friends, or a method of controlling the boar population in the area. We so hope it's the latter, especially based on Harry and William's support of anti-poaching campaigns in Africa.
His fiancée Meghan Markle is a dedicated animal lover, with two rescue dogs who mean the absolute world' to her and she reportedly tries to stick to a vegan diet - apart from the odd roast chicken, of course.
He's already pledged to give up smoking for Meghan, will he give up hunting as well?
She's giving up a lot to become a royal, so it seems only fair but hey, what is fair in the eyes of love?
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