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Prince Harry shares an impassioned new video from his Californian abode - and casually debuts a fresh haircut

The Duke of Sussex is speaking out about a cause close to his heart.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry has shared an impassioned new video from his new Santa Barbara home in California - and the lush abode wasn't the only thing that was looking fresh.
The British Prince spoke from a brightly-lit room with a large window and plant seen behind him as he chatted to the camera about a virtual Trailwalker Relay.
The Nepal-based 100km team walking challenge is taking place in the coming weeks and will be held in support of global charity Oxfam.
The Prince detailed how he himself had visited Nepal back in 2016, and spoke of their continued resilience: "With COVID-19, the world has been pitted against a new challenge. One that is devastating and destructive in its own right and I'm heartened to see that once again the Nepalese spirit is unwavering."
He also referenced the Gurkha Welfare Trust, which is helping to supply personal protective equipment and hand washing facilities throughout the pandemic.
"Thank you for stepping up for the Gurkhas, for Nepal, and for all the communities impacted by this pandemic. During this Relay virtually is going to make it even more difficult than it already was," he continued.
The Prince then concluded: "So, you're going to need to dig deep, physically and emotionally, to get you and your team across those 100km. I know that you can do it. And with every step you take, just remember, you're helping those who need it most. So, thank you and good luck."
Of course, Harry's words resonated enough in the video, but there was something else fans couldn't help but notice - a brand-new haircut.
Indeed the Prince appeared to have had a little snip to his famous head of red hair.
Is that a short(er...) back and sides we see?
Harry looked fresh with a brand new 'do. (Twitter @TrailwalkerUK)
Tomorrow, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are set to make a rare appearance for the very first TV broadcast of TIME's annual 100 Most Influential People.
The pair will be joining the broadcast in an historic first for the publication, likely via a live video link, as they join a plethora of other well known faces to celebrate changemakers and unqiue talents fronting the social sphere today.
It is understood the pair will be seen in the broadcast alongside John Legend, Sandra Oh and Trevor Noah - all from their own homes, of course.
Harry and Meghan are set to appear in an historic TIME broadcast this week. (Queens Commonwealth Trust)
It certainly seems as though these two are getting plenty of use out of their new home (and video corner).
Perhaps, as they continued to build their new foundation, Archewell, we'll be seeing some more from chateau Sussex. Here's hoping...

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