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Prince Harry never takes off his bracelet, and the reason why is beautiful

The Prince's accessories are never without sentiment.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying Prince Harry has style - his country-chic get-up in Dubbo this week is case in point, while his well-fitted suits and perfectly manicured facial hair has always sent hearts a-flutter.
But of all the fashions Harry regularly dons, there's one accessory he'll never take off - and his reason for it is super sweet.
Harry was spotted in Dubbo on Tuesday wearing his staple jewellery item. (Image: Getty Images)
Harry's black and silver bracelet has captured the attention of royal fans for many years. (Image: Getty Images)
You might have seen the ginger Prince wearing a unique black and sliver bangle many a time - in fact, Harry has been wearing it since he was a teenager!
The bangle is believed to have come into the Prince's possession during a 1997 trip to Africa, shortly following the tragic passing of his mother, Princess Diana.
He was pictured wearing the bracelet in 2001, and it looks like he's worn it ever since. His brother William has also been pictured wearing a similar bangle.
Prince Harry and William have both worn similar bracelets believed to have come from their trip to Africa in 1997. (Image: Getty Images)
Harry previously spoke about the trip to Africa, telling Town and Country: "I first came [to Africa] in 1997, straight after my mum died. My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags — we were going to Africa to get away from it all."
"This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world."
There have been a number of touching occasions where Harry has worn the bangle - namely his wedding in May where it was spotted on the Prince's wrist as he left for the evening reception in a convertible with new wife Meghan.
And to make it even more special, Meghan was also wearing one of Diana's old possessions: a stunning aquamarine cocktail ring.
The royal newlyweds were pictured wearing jewellery paying tribute to the late Princess Diana following their wedding ceremony. (Image: Getty Images)
Harry has been known for his unique jewellery choices, often wearing metallic bangles and beaded bracelets.
During his current royal tour of Australia, Harry has been spotted wearing a black ring on his right hand, and while the never-before-seen accessory had us initially stumped as to what it could mean, our question was recently answered.
The Prince has also been spotted in Australia sporting a black ring which hasn't been seen before. (Image: Getty Images)
According to People, the ring is called the "Oura Ring", which has an in-built sleep and activity tracker that connects to an app on your smart phone. According to the Oura website, it helps to improve health and "better understand your body and reach your goals".
Sounds fancy, and highly appropriate for a jet-lagged royal!
An original (and now dispelled) theory linked the ring as a sentiment to mark the upcoming Invictus Games, which will be held in Sydney this weekend.
The Games hold a special meaning to Harry, as they were founded by the Prince himself for injured or sick armed service personnel and veterans.
Participants will take part in sports including wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball.
On Friday, Prince Harry will climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, and once at the top, he will raise the Invictus flag to mark the arrival of the Invictus Games.
Over the weekend, he and Meghan will watch some of the games, which will be held in various places around Sydney.
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