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Newly surfaced image reveals Prince Harry's secret, heart-warming engagement

It was a poignant event for the Prince.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry is famous for his many enviable qualities, with kindness one of his most affable traits.
And now in a very special reveal, a secret visit he made this week has come to light via a newly surfaced Twitter post, and it's made us admire the fun-loving Prince even more than we already did.
After flying to Amsterdam earlier this week to launch his new project Travelyst, Harry's next formal engagement, which was kept quiet from the public, was to Sandhurst, where he paid a visit to the Royal Military Academy there.
The engagement held a special meaning for the Prince. He spoke about the importance of mental health for soldiers at their Field Army Health Conference.
A former member of the army himself, the topic is particularly important to Harry, and he clearly made a positive impression.
A guest in attendance, soldier Glenn Haughton OBA MBA, was pictured with the Prince in a post on Twitter, which explained: "Back together with the Duke of Sussex as part of the Field Army conference on optimising human performance."
The picture was accompanied by the hash tag #timetotalk.
Prince Harry attended a private engagement, where he spoke about mental health for soldiers. (Twitter / @SEAC_Defence)
Prince Harry has worked tirelessly in the mental health space, using his royal platform to champion the cause close to his heart.
Launching charity Heads Together alongside his brother Prince William and Duchess Catherine in 2016, the trio's project aims to help people open up and tackle mental health issues.
William himself has also been busy at work this week to promote mental health in sport.
Visiting Hendon Football Club on Friday, September 6, the Duke of Cambridge met with a number of the club's members to discuss mental health for players and those involved in the sport.
Sharing highlights from the visit to Twitter, Kensington Palace issued a statement explaining the visit had come in conjunction with the Heads Up campaign.
Prince William visited Hendon Football Club to hear about their mental health initiatives. (Getty)
"As part of the #HeadsUp ⚽️ campaign we're highlighting the important work already taking place across the UK to end the stigma surrounding mental health," a tweet from Kensington Palace read.
The Palace shared a heartwarming initiative the club has been working on in the background: "Using football as a means to help improve their mental health and wellbeing, the group of young people formed the @HendonFC Mental Health team."
The Duke of Cambridge has also opened up about his own struggles with mental health, explaining his experience at an event earlier this year that some of the things he encountered working with the air ambulance service were "very difficult to talk about".
And he said one incident, which reminded him of his children, would be etched in his mind forever.
William said he sought professional help following the incident.
"I know that if I hadn't taken the action I did then I would have definitely gone down a slippery slope and I would have been dealing with mental health on a different level," he said at the time.
It's incredible to see the royals be so open about mental health and their own experiences with it in such a public way, and we can only hope their efforts have a flow on effect for as many people as possible.
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