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Healing the rift: Prince Harry and Prince William are reportedly "back in touch"

The once feuding brothers are said to have made amends.

By Bella Brennan
They were once the ultimate brothers and best friends.
But in recent years, the divide between Prince William, 37, and Prince Harry, 35, was easy to see, with Harry confirming last year he and his brother were on "different paths."
According to royal commentator Katie Nicholl, the once feuding brothers have recently repaired their rift after a series of stressful events brought them back together, figuratively speaking, from across the pond, with Harry based in LA with wife Duchess Meghan and one-year-old son Archie, and William in London.
Most notably, after their father Prince Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus, the boys began speaking to each other over the phone again.
"There have been clearly some quite major rifts in that relationship, but things have got better and I know that William and Harry are in touch on the phone," Nicholl told ET.
"They have done video calls together, they have done a lot of family birthdays and I think with Prince Charles not being well, that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and get back in touch."
William and Harry are reportedly chatting on the phone. (Image: Getty)
Nicholl also revealed William and Harry have been working on repairing their relationship since February and that any past tension between Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine has "waned."
"I think there is a sense of relief on both sides that this high drama is now a thing of the past," Nicholl noted.
She added: "The Sussexes are free to get on with their new lives [and] the Cambridges can get back to their old lives without all the upset and drama that was clearly a big deal behind the scenes. I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives."
Nicholl also speculated that Kate and William would have spoken to their nephew Archie on a video call for his first birthday last week.
Catherine and Meghan's past issues have "waned", according to Nicholl. (Image: Getty)
It's little wonder Prince Harry would be looking to his brother for support during these uncertain times.
While Harry has had to deal with the stress of his father being sick, a report from Vanity Fair claims the father-of-one has been struggling to settle into his new LA life without a circle of close friends.
"He has a lot of friends in the military community in the UK and of course he misses them. This is a very strange time for us all, but I think Harry is missing having a structure to his life right now," a source told Vanity Fair.
While LA-born Meghan has a tight-knit circle of best friends, Harry "doesn't have friends" and is said to be feeling homesick.
"So at the moment he's a bit rudderless," the source explained, before adding the royal understands "it won't always be like this."
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced they would be stepping back as senior royals in January. The pair have since relocated to LA and are reportedly living in a sprawling mansion owned by Tyler Perry.
Harry is said to be missing his support network. (Image: Getty)