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Inside Prince Harry's grand plan to make Meghan Markle his Princess

Plus their first official public appearance has been confirmed!

By Bella Brennan
Between the third royal baby and Prince George starting school we almost forgot about our other favourite royal and honourary royal.
But as wedding reports intensify, royal insiders have revealed Prince Harry's team is working behind the scenes to prepare for Meghan Markle's foray into the Royal Family.
According to Woman's Day, the pair are now ready to reveal they’ve chosen the UK spring – April 20 next year – as the date for their wedding.
And that's not all they have in store over the coming months!
From when they'll announce their engagement to their first official outing, take a look inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's very exciting journey to saying "I do."

Making it official

Mark your calendars, Harry and Meghan enthusiasts!
Their first public appearance will be at the Invictus Games in Toronto on September 23rd, the Mail On Sunday reports.
Yes, as in less than two weeks away!
It makes for a very fitting debut considering they first hit it off at the 2016 Invictus Games.
Will they wear Invictus-branded trackie dacks? Will Meghan play some sports with her man? Will they hold hands in public?
We have so many questions.
Insert Meghan here! The couple are set to make their first public appearance at the Invictus Games THIS month.

From Miss Markle to Princess Meghan

According to The Mail, Kensington Palace are helping Meghan scale back her public appearances for the hit TV show Suits, in which she plays Rachel Zane.
Indeed since her romance with Harry broke, Meghan has shut down her lifestyle blog The Tig, pretty much ceased all activity on social media and distanced herself from Suits.
Many within the palace view this as Harry's cunning plan to roll out "Operation Princess."
The legal firm Harbottle & Lewis, who represent the royals, have also reportedly started to work for Meghan, too.

Prepping for the engagement announcement

But the most exciting element to "Operation Princess"?
The fact that Harry's aides are reportedly crafting an engagement announcement to drop any day now!
The Mail On Sunday claim Harry and Meghan were keen not to share their news during the memorials for Princess Diana's 20-year anniversary but now the milestone date has passed the pair, who are said to be "as good as engaged", are bracing to share their wonderful news.
We'll be keeping a close watch on KP's Twitter account!
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Meet the parents

Of course meeting your partner's parents is always an important step in any blossoming relationship and the Mail says Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have met Meghan and are happy for Harry.
"Harry's father is just keen for him to settle down and be happy," an insider tells the Mail On Sunday.
"Both Charles and Camilla are understood to have held back from expressing views, keen that Harry should have his own space to make his own decision."
"Harry was nervous of introducing Meghan to them because he did not want people to jump to conclusions about someone he deeply cared for. He wanted to consider in his own time whether or not she might have a permanent place in his life," the source explains.
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Charles and Camilla have welcomed Meghan with open arms.