British Royal Family

Prince George's new hobby

He feels the need for speed.

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that Prince George has a new obsession for anything with wheels reports Hello.
The little prince can be spotted zipping around on his scooter, but according to his doting mum you’d need a keen eye because “he’s going super fast on it”.
“It’s hard to keep up with him,” she told a group of school children outside Westminster Abbey while attending a Commonwealth service with Prince William.
Prince William also likes machines with wheels, and the Duchess has previously admitted she is “filled with horror” every time he takes his motorcycle for a spin. Kate hopes her son does not follow his father’s footsteps in this regard.
Judging by Prince George’s penchant for anything with “big wheels”, and riding the mini tractor around the gardens at Anmer Hall, she may be in for a bit of a battle.
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