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The adorable way Prince George and Princess Charlotte take after Prince William

The mini royals have perfected an age-old tradition, with a sweet touch!

By Jess Pullar
There are many royal traditions and protocols we're all familiar with, but one particular rule that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have recently perfected has our hearts melting.
The rule is straightforward enough: It is mandatory for royals to wave at members of the public during royal engagements.
This goes for all royals, even young George and Charlotte, who - let's be honest - seem more than happy to oblige.
But perfecting the wave itself? Well, that's another story.
Princess Charlotte and Prince George never fail to charm onlookers with their enthusiastic waves.
The gesture, known as the Windsor wave, is more understated than your regular run-of-the-mill wave.
Speaking to British publication the Daily Express, Royal Butler Grant Harrold described the wave as "graceful, dignified, elegant".
Prince William and Duchess Catherine have clearly been teaching their kids well with both five-year-old George and three-year-old Charlotte appearing to have nailed the wave.
What's more, the siblings both use their left hands when waving, just like their father - cute!
According to the Daily Express, both George and Charlotte are left-handed, and William believes this means his children will be 'brainboxes' given left-handed people are associated with high intelligence.
The young royals have clearly been taught by their pro-parents, Kate and Wills.
Charlotte is a natural!
Like her children, Kate also learnt the technique of the Windsor wave when she joined the royal family.
Duchess Meghan is also reported to be undergoing lessons to perfect her wave. Harrold said the new Duchess has come a long way since her engagement to Prince Harry.
"When she greeted press photographers on the day the engagement was announced Meghan's wave was somewhat clam-like, with her fingers rapidly opening and closing against her palm," he said.
"However, the wave we saw on her wedding day is that more fitting of a royal. It was graceful, dignified, elegant and similar to the wave we would expect of members of the royal family."
Meghan's recent public appearances, which included delivering a rousing speech at her charity cookbook launch without the aid of notes, promise that the Duchess is more than capable of perfecting the gesture.
Duchess Meghan is reportedly taking lessons to perfect the Windsor wave.
As for Prince George and Charlotte, the pair don't really need to wave to make our hearts melt. The mini royals have been known to send fans into frenzy with their adorable public displays.
Most recently, the siblings were snapped at the wedding of a close family friend, Sophie Carter. George looked to be having a grand old time laughing and jumping while Charlotte kept herself a little more composed. In fact, it looked like she was tutting at her big brother's animated displays!
The royal family are picture perfect as they perform the Windsor wave together.
We can't wait to see more adorable pictures of the tricksy pair waving to adoring onlookers - Princess Eugenie's wedding next weekend is sure to be a feast for the eyes of royal fans!
WATCH: Prince George and Princess Charlotte make their grand entrance:

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