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The Prince George cake that’s got everyone talking

We love absolutely everything to do with Prince George, but even die-hard royal fans might find this award winning cake a little hard to digest.

Amateur baker, Lara Mason from the West Midlands in the UK took 30 hours and a whole lot of eggs, flour and butter to whip up this life-sized Prince George cake inspired by the iconic photo of the young royal form his sister’s christening.
It was all worth it, with the 29-year-old taking home first place at the Cake International Show in Birmingham.
“Prince George is one of the most famous children and I wanted to do my nod to the Royal Family,” she told the BBC.
Can you tell the difference...?
Clearly a monarchist, Lara said she’d be happy to send the cake over to Kensington Palace for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to enjoy.
“If they come on the blower and ask me for him, I'll ship him down there.”
The 91cm structure wasn’t an easy achievement though, with the customer relations employee working on it for an entire month.
“I started to plan the cake a month ago, but I got married two weeks ago,” she said, “I spent about two hours a night after work on him.”
“The internal structure is metal rods and wood and it is all covered in cling film. After that, it is cake, icing, butter cream, chocolate. Anything your heart desires - Willy Wonka on a plate,” she said about its ingredients.
The construction process is certainly creepier than the finished product.
Although it sounds delicious Lara isn’t so sure you should actually eat it.
"If I cut into him, does that mean it is treason? I'm having a nightmare here. So I'm going to pop him in the window at my house and maybe put a Christmas hat on him and turn him into a decoration.”
Either way, Prince George continues to be deliciously adorable!

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