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Prince Charles' bold response to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's climate change stance: "Is that what he says?"

''It is already beginning to be catastrophic.''

By Catie Powers
Prince Charles has taken a bold stance against climate change and urged world leaders like Scott Morrison to do the same with a "last chance" statement.
His message comes just weeks ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which is set to begin on Sunday 31st October in Glasgow, Scotland.
It will run until Friday 12th November, with guests including U.S. president Joe Biden, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the Pope, as well as The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.
But during an interview with the BBC, Prince Charles was told that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison remained on the fence about attending, sparking a bold response from Charles.
"Is that what he says?" the future king asked climate editor Justin Rowlatt.
During an interview with the BBC, Prince Charles reacted to the Australian PM's hesitance. (Getty)
When asked what the Prince of Wales would say to leaders about why they should attend the conference, Charles emphasised that this meeting is a "last chance saloon".
He went on to explain that if change doesn't happen now, it will be "almost impossible to catch up".
"It is already beginning to be catastrophic, because nothing in nature can survive the stress that is created by these extremes of weather," Charles said.
When pressed about his advice to the Australian government with regards to their inaction on climate change, the prince gave a measured reply.
"I mean you gently try to suggest there may be other ways of doing things, in my case anyway," he said.
"Otherwise you lot (the media) accuse me of interfering and meddling, don't you?"
Prince Charles has long been an advocate for climate change, making his first environmental speech over 50 years ago.
The future king also created the Sustainable Markets Initiative, encouraging businesses to foster environmental sustainability, and has urged for a Terra Carta - a roadmap which tackles climate and biodiversity crises - according to The Guardian.
At the start of 2020, Charles gave a rousing speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) pushing the importance of addressing climate change now.
"We are in the midst of a crisis that is now, I hope, well understood," he said at the time.
It's unclear if Prime Minister Scott Morrison will attend the COP26. (Getty)
"Global warming, climate change, the devastating loss of biodiversity are the greatest threats that humanity has ever faced and one largely of our own creation.
"Everything I have tried to do, and urge, over the past fifty years has been done with our children and grandchildren in mind."
Charles has continued to push for action on climate change in the UK and abroad, even now with his message to the Australian PM.
It is unclear if Prime Minister Scott Morrison will attend the COP26, due to ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions in Australia.
Based on current information, if he were to travel to the UK in October and return to Australia in November, he would be required to quarantine at home for seven days upon his return.
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