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I’m the King of the castle! Prince Charles refurbishes William’s childhood treehouse for George

In a touching gesture to his beloved grandson, Prince Charles has decked out a treehouse for Prince George on his beautiful country home, Highgrove estate.

By Blake Nadilo
As children Prince William and Prince Harry had no shortage of gold-plated rooms, luxurious dens and decadent hallways to play in, but their favourite place was a simple treehouse on their dad’s country estate.
And now that same treehouse, where the future king of England made many fond memories, has been refurbished for his son Prince George so can create let his imagination run wild.
Doting grandfather Prince Charles, 66, has restored the beloved play area to its former glory when it was gifted to Prince Harry and Prince William in 1989.
William Bertram, the architect who designed the tiny structure, asked the young Prince’s what they were looking for in a cubby house to which a seven-year-old William responded: “I want it to be as high as possible so I can get away from everyone and I want a rope ladder which I can pull up so no-one can get at me.”
The stunning garden’s of Highgrove estate in Gloucester have been Prince Charles’ life work and now his adorable grandson has a special placed reserved among the breath-taking greenery.
The stunning grounds of Highgrove Estate, Prince Charles' country home.
In addition to the treehouse a small Sheppard’s hut, complete with a bed and wood burner, has been installed on the edge of the wildflower meadow of the gardens for the tiny royal to enjoy.
While Princess Charlotte is too young to play in the hide-out now, we are certain when she is old enough the brother and sister duo will make plenty of memories just like their dad and uncle used to.
The public can catch a glimpse of the cubby house when the gardens are open to the public on selected times and days.
The donations made by the visitors raises up to $1.3 million for Prince Charles’ charities.

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