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Duchess Catherine's new photo of Prince Charles and Prince William says a lot more about their relationship than you'd think

The pair has come a long way.

By Jess Pullar
When Duchess Catherine's new photo of Prince Charles and his son, Prince William surfaced on Father's Day in June, one could almost have mistaken the pair for any ordinary father and son.
Only, when you think about it in the context of things, these two men represent a lot more as future kings of England.
Over the years, we've seen Prince Charles and William's relationship evolve from a protective father to his son, right through to both stepping back to watch each forge their own paths.
But Catherine's latest snap of the pair certainly suggests a lot more has been happening behind the scenes.
When the image of William and Charles surfaced on June 21, fans were in various states of excitement to see such a special snap make it to the royals' highly curated feeds.
"Happy Father's Day!" the official Kensington Royal Instagram shared alongside the snap, explaining that it was taken at Sandringham in December 2019.
William, 38, is seen in a baker boy flat cap and brown coat, while dad Charles, now 71, leans his head on his eldest son's shoulder with a wide, almost-eye-disappearing-sized grin on his face.
Kensington Royal shared this special new image of Prince Charles and Prince William on Father's Day 2020. (The Duchess of Cambridge)
The look between the pair is nothing short of pure, undisputed love - and the sentiment certainly rang loud and clear.
"What a wonderful photo," one follower simply commented.
Another wrote: "I love seeing pictures that the Duchess of Cambridge takes. It's lovely to see through the eyes of the one's closest."
"This is such a special photo," a fan added.

Fans weren't unjustified in celebrating the rarity of a picture like this - the royals' stiff upper lip mentality has certainly set a rather professional precedent when it comes to seeing the royals in public.
The lack of PDA's between royal couples, strict protocols and drastic privacy measures prove as much - perhaps so much so that seeing such a genuine moment of connection between two of them seems almost an anomaly.
And of course, there is no denying both Charles and William have had their ups and downs like any father and son - rumours that have always swirled about both William and Harry's tenuous moments with Charles in their teenage years and early twenties in the wake of Princess Diana's death.
That's why it was all the more special to see the new image snapped by shutterbug Duchess Catherine do the rounds.
And behind the scenes, it looks as though the picture was a true reflection of Charles and William's relationship these days.
According to respected Vanity Fair reporter Katie Nicholl, the two heirs have never been closer.
"[Charles] looks positively doting, he loves the picture and was happy for others to see it," a family friend told her.
"The relationship today is very solid and strong," they added.
"It is built on love, affection and respect. They are on the same wavelength these days and when Charles talks about William it is with great pride."
There's certainly no denying that.
Charles will always hold a special bond with his two sons. (Getty)
As for what the future holds, it seems both William and Charles are only on an upward trajectory.
"I think there was a time when Charles worried about William and whether he was ready for the role that lay ahead, but these days he has full confidence in William and sees that he has what it takes to be a great Prince of Wales and a future king," the friend continued.
And so, while both their lives have undoubtedly been filled with uncertainty, anticipation and a lot of learning, there's one thing that remains true.
At the end of the day, these two are exactly as they are on paper - a father and son with a lot of love and admiration for each other.
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