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REVEALED: Prince Charles' awkward refusal of Meghan Markle has royal fans spinning

The future King had the last say.

Meghan Markle's introduction into the royal fold has been nothing short of dramatic, with many speculating about serious rifts between herself and Kate, William, and royal staff members alike.
But fans have always taken comfort in the solid relationship she appeared to have with one particular royal family member (outside of Harry, that is) - her father-in-law, Prince Charles ... or so we thought.
An explosive new report claims that even the future King of England himself has had some, er, disagreements with the Duchess.
A new report claims that Meghan was denied wearing a tiara at a lavish state dinner in Fiji. (Image: Getty)
In a new report from The Mail on Sunday, it is understood Prince Charles had to step in when Meghan planned to wear a lavish tiara to an extravagant dinner event she attended while on her royal tour of Fiji in October 2018.
The publication reported that Charles feared the headpiece would look too "extravagant", and he advised against her wearing it.
"Meghan did not understand all of this because she was new to the role and so Prince Charles told her that it would not be appropriate," a source told the publication.
They added: "It was very kindly done."
Of course, this all seems fair enough, and no doubt there was a mutual understanding between the two royals ... but there's no denying the slight awkwardness in something that came next.
WATCH: Meghan steps out in a stunning blue gown, sans tiara, for lavish Fijian soiree. Story continues after video...
In an ironic turn of events, Kate Middleton stepped out the very same night in London wearing a dazzling tiara herself to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.
Indeed the Duchess of Cambridge wore her late mother-in-law Princess Diana's stunning tiara - the Cambridge Lover's Knot to the glamorous event, along with a beautiful powder blue Alexander McQueen fishtail gown.
Kate wore a tiara the name night Meghan was reportedly refused one. (Image: AAP)
It is understood Charles has taken on a greater role in planning the royal family's official trips overseas, with the Daily Mail reporting Charles plans to show utmost respect to Commonwealth leaders ahead of his reign as King.
An insider told the publication: "The Prince, having travelled to all these places many times over many years, is very well placed to give advice on such matters."
Meghan still looked stunning on the night. (Image: Getty)
That being said, there's no denying Meghan looked absolutely stunning for the Fijian soiree.
Fresh from her pregnancy announcement, the Duchesses blue gown by Safiyaa showed off a hint of a baby bump, while her dazzling diamond earrings were also showstopping in their own right.
In fact, it was later revealed the earrings were worth almost AUD $1 million.
Yep, you read that right - gemologist Deborah Papas told the publication that given the heaviness of the diamond drops, they could easily be worth the eye-watering sum.
"These drops appear very heavy, almost pulling down the lobe, but sparkle beautifully even with the slightest turn of the head and are truly stunning. They could easily be worth £500,000 [AUD $910,830] or more," she revealed to Femail.
With this is mind, we're pretty sure Meghan wouldn't have had any qualms going sans tiara when she was rocking that serious ice.

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