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The Queen’s fury over Prince Charles’ love child scandal

The Queen is considering denying Prince Charles the throne after an alleged secret son has been revealed.

He’s tall, dark and handsome, and bears a striking resemblance to Prince William, but this alleged half-brother is anything but royal and was raised in Canada a world away from Buckingham Palace.
Meet Jason Jenkins, 34, who was born nine months after his mum, a Canadian former navy lieutenant called Janet, had unprotected sex with Prince Charles at Highgrove, during his marriage to Princess Diana.
“I was Charles’ lover for 16 years,” confesses Janet to US newspaper, The Globe.
“Ours was a long-distance romance… clothes used to be just ripped off and left where they dropped! At the time, neither of us used birth control or other protection. It was before AIDS and we just didn’t think about it.”
Janet, now 70 and living in Toronto has always refused to confirm or deny that Prince Charles fathered Jason, saying only “it’s no one’s business but mine”, but the palace has tried for years to keep the scandal a secret.
She met Charles in 1975 at the British Consulate in Montreal where she worked at the time, with Charles so smitten by the blonde haired beauty that he bombarded her with handwritten love letters after returning to Britain.
Their affair started the following year when Charles went to Montreal for the 1976 Olympics and continued with assignations at Sandringham and also at Balmoral – which infuriated the Queen when she discovered Janet was staying there.
One close friend of Janet’s told The Globe the matter will never be settled until Prince Charles’ takes a paternity test: “Janet’s son is the spitting image of William - they look like brothers and I believe they are.”
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Camilla wants a DNA test to prove Charles did not father an alleged son.

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