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Prince Charles freezes out Prince Andrew following sex scandal allegations

Prince Charles celebrated his 66th birthday over the weekend but reportedly did not invite his brother Prince Andrew due to his fury over recent sex scandal allegations.
The Palace has denied claims that Prince Andrew, 55, had sex 17-year-old Virginia Roberts who alleges that she was serving as a ‘sex-slave’ to the Duke of York’s close friend, American businessman Jeffrey Epstein.
The revelations have nonetheless been a profound source of embarrassment to the Palace, and it now emerges that Prince Charles has shut out his brother entirely for fears of being associated with the damaging allegations.
"Charles considers the whole sex scandal degrading, damaging and very embarrassing,” a friend of a prominent royal family member told the Mail on Sunday.
"He thinks that his brother has made some very bad decisions but he has said nothing to Andrew, he simply hasn’t communicated with him at all. There’s been a very icy silence."
Next-in-line-to-the-throne Charles, 66, is reportedly irate that his younger brother would tarnish the reputation of the monarchy by maintaining a damaging ongoing friendship with Epstein, in spite of his criminal record for sex offences, for which he served 18 months in prison.
Another source who is reportedly close to Prince Charles, said: “I was told never to mention Andrew’s name in the Prince of Wales’s company.”
Charles has not commented on the scandal at all since it first broke, but apparently took out his fury symbolically by not inviting Andrew to his birthday celebrations at the Grand Dining room in Buckingham Palace, in spite of the fact that his brother was just down the hall at the time, staying in his private residence.
A spokesperson for Clarence House has denied allegations of a rift between the pair, stating: “Family relationships are a private matter but this story, as relayed, is categorically untrue.”
Nonetheless, another source, described as a friend of a senior Windsor told the Mail: "This is no brotherly spat. Andrew is having to live with the harsh reality that Charles has cut him off and left him out in the cold."

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