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Prince Charles crashes into a deer at Balmoral

The future king is apparently very “shaken” after the dramatic accident.

Prince Charles has been involved in a car accident at Balmoral.
According to reports out of the UK, his car collided with a deer at the Highlands estate, leaving the royal extremely shaken.
Prince Charles was reportedly not injured by the collision, but was in shock.
The Mirror has reported the Prince’s Audi A4 was so damaged that a specialist mechanic had to be dispatched to attend the scene.
Prince Charles wasn't injured in the crash.
Palace representatives have so far refused to comment on the crash, which is said to have happened in the past week while Prince Charles was not performing any official duties.
Sources have told the publication the car looked “badly damaged” and that Charles was definitely shaken up.
The condition of the deer is not known.
Charles was left shaken after the incident.
A source said: “Red deer are a hazard on the roads up here and most drivers have had a brush with them at some point.
“Charles is a careful driver, but sometimes they dash out on the road and there’s little you can do,” the source told The Mirror.
“He’ll have got a hell of a fright.”
WATCH: Prince Charles pays tribute to his mother Queen Elizabeth in the video below. Post continues.
Meanwhile, Charles has been busy recently.
It was revealed he has built a stunning replica of Buckingham Palace in the middle of a “Utopian” village as a way of paying tribute to the Queen Mother.
The building was a touching way to honour his beloved gran.
The building, called Strathmore House, features eight luxury apartments and is built in the village of Poundbury in Dorset.
Strathmore presides over an area called Queen Mother Square, named after Prince Charles’ beloved late grandmother and the ultimate tribute.
The finishing touch to the square is set to be a statue of the Queen Mother herself.
WATCH: Prince Charles pays tribute to his beloved grandmother, the Queen Mother.

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