British Royal Family

In the kitchen with your favourite royals! Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla cooked on breakfast TV

OK, what do we have to do to make this a weekly segment?

By Chloe Lal
Much like a perfectly cooked souffle, the British Royal Family have risen and made their way deep into our hearts.
From a very pregnant Duchess Catherine and Prince William sweeping Scandinavia on their latest royal tour, to Prince Harry doing literally anything with his future wife Meghan Markle... The Windsor boys can't put a foot wrong.
A gift they certainly inherited from their mother Princess Diana but there is something to be said about their father, Prince Charles.
On Wednesday, January 31sr, the royal pa and his wife Duchess Camilla had us smiling on their latest outing.
The couple decided to drop by British breakfast TV show This Morning at the ITV studios in London, and they charmed the aprons off viewers with their wit and humour.
Breakfast TV gets a royal make over. The royal couple pose with the show's host Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.
Holly and Phillip were delighted by their VIP guests.
The Prince Of Wales and Duchess Of Cornwall were the guests of honour for the show, who were celebrating their program's 30th anniversary.
Anchor Phillip Schofield explained that the future King is the patron for The Royal Television Society, who just marked their 90th year.
"As a patron to charities headed by both The Prince Of Wales and the Duchess Of Cambridge, I'm really thrilled to welcome them to the This Morning studio," he told his viewers.
Adding, "It's a fantastic way for us to celebrate our 30th anniversary."
His trusty co-anchor Holly Willoughby shared his glee over their very special guests, remarking, "It's been wonderful to welcome Their Royal Highnesses to This Morning. It's an exciting year for us here, and it's lovely to share with them some of our highlights."
What's a breakfast show without a cooking segment?
Duchess Camilla dives straight in.
Proving that there's nothing better than a cooking segment, Duchess Camilla got to show her finesse around the kitchen as she helped chef Phil Vickery prepare mutton hot-pot with honeyed parsnips.
We bet the future King was very happy with the chef's demonstration, as he's stated numerous times that mutton is his "favourite dish."
The royal couple also got to taste some of Phil's homemade apple and date chutney, a selection of English cheeses and English wines and cider - much Prince Charles' delight.
Things took a rather humorous turn when they were introduced to Digby, the show's guide dog in-training.
Good 'ol Digby had Queen Elizabeth's eldest racing after him, after the Golden Retriever decided to chow down on the sound equipment.
Proving that no job is too menial for His Royal Highness, the 69-year-old was in chuckles as he helped grab the equipment back.
"He likes a soft toy," Digby's handler joked to Charles, who replied "He really does."
Watch the funny moment in the video below!
Charles and Camilla also met with journalist Piers Morgan.
The Prince was aware that the controversial journalist had recently returned from interviewing American President and friend Donald Trump.
Politely asking him about the chat, Piers was heard saying, "He sends his regards."
It has been well documented that President Trump shares very different views to not only Prince Charles but many members of the British Royal Family.
Charles meets Piers Morgan.