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New royal stamps have been released in honour of Prince Charles' 70th birthday

Royal mail indeed!

By Alex Lilly
Turning 70 is a milestone birthday for anyone, but when you're the heir to the British throne, it's slightly more of a big deal.
To mark the special occasion, Clarence House and Royal Mail have joined forces and revealed six new stamps featuring Prince Charles.
"The selection of six images include The Prince pictured with The Duchess of Cornwall and his sons The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex," Clarence House tweeted.
Photographer Chris Jackson of Getty, who snapped the above picture of Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry took to Instagram to share his happy news.
"My official portrait of The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex is featured on this stamp commemorating The Prince of Wales's 70th Birthday - I took this ahead of the RAF 100 Commemorations at Buckingham Palace this summer - I expect you all to send your Christmas presents only using this stamp!"
Two of the six stamps feature Prince Charles and his two sons, the other one of which was taken in 2004 at the polo before the boys became Dukes and family men.
If we could turn back time!
A stamp featuring a sweet candid photo of Charles and his wife Duchess Camilla was also released. The photo was first taken in Scotland by a friend of the Prince during the couple's 2015 summer holiday and was also featured in their Christmas card that year as well.
In a sweet anecdote in a feature for Vanity Fair, royal photographer Alexi Lubomirski told of the moment he greeted Charles and Camilla at Clarence House ahead of a shoot.
"As soon as they looked at each other, there was a sparkle in their eyes - that's when the magic happened."
"You feel like they are a young couple in love."
The Prince of Wales and Duchess Camilla shared a romantic photograph from three years ago.
Another stamp showed him greeting children in Wales and as he himself is the Prince of Wales, the country holds a special place in the heir to the throne's heart.
Prince Charles admitted that some of his fondest memories of time spent in Wales included exploring during his term at Aberystwyth University and learning about the ancient language, folklore, myths and history.
"It certainly cast its spell on me a long time ago," he told Visit Wales.
The Prince of Wales has a strong connection to his namesake country.
The final two stamps show Prince Charles in a more formal light but highlight how dashing he still is at 70.
Prince Charles' birthday stamps are just the latest way the royal family are celebrating his 70th birthday. There will also be a state banquet attended by family members and royal dignitaries from around Europe in his honour that Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark are expected to attend.
Looking dapper in his blue suit.
The Prince at his Scottish retreat, the Castle of Mey. (All stamp images: Instagram @royalmailofficial)

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