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Prince Charles' 70th birthday portraits: 8 things you completely missed

A comprehensive breakdown of the royal family's beautiful new family album.

By Bella Brennan
Prince Charles' 70th birthday truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
Today, on the Prince of Wales' milestone celebrations, Clarence House have gifted the world with not one but two charming new family photos showing the man of the moment surrounded by his loved ones including wife Duchess Camilla, son Prince William, his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, their three angelic children, Prince George, five, Princess Charlotte, three, six-month-old Prince Louis, and younger son Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex.
And it's clear that the Prince at 70 has well and truly hit his stride - the future King of England is happiest when he is off-duty with his family.
The historical photograph marks the first time the entire royal dynasty have been pictured all together. Indeed, while Charles has starred in many family photos with his children, these images capture the heir to the throne with just his immediate family.
We could seriously stare at these photos, which were captured by royal photographer Chris Jackson at Clarence House in September this year, all day.
So while your jaw was on the floor, we've unearthed eight things you completely missed about the new Prince Charles' birthday portraits because you were too busy swooning with joy...
Happy birthday, Your Royal Highness.
And now for a silly one! Even the royal family like to show off their fun side.

1. There's a colour scheme (but Meghan's not sticking to it)

When it comes to official photos, the royals just love a colour scheme and it seems the brief for this particular shoot was navy and white.
Never one to play by the rules, we love that Duchess Meghan's white dress has a black-panelled collar and belt.
Meghan adds a pop of black to her ensemble.

2. Prince George is SO tall

Clearly inheriting his towering parents' genes in the height department, five-year-old Prince George has shot up!
Sitting on his Grandpa Wales' lap in his trademark shorts and knee-high socks, William and Kate's oldest child has such long legs.
By George, he's going to be one tall King!

3. The future Kings are grouped together

It's so special seeing Prince Charles in doting grandfather mode with five-year-old George on his lap.
And it's no coincidence that out of all three of his grandchildren, it's George he's with.
Indeed, just like Charles and Prince William, who is standing right behind them, George will one day become the King of England.
Placing the trio of heirs together is a subtle yet powerful form of symbolism.
A trio of Kings!

4. Kate, Louis and Charles are all wearing the same outfit from this photo...

Just last week, the palace shared another never-before-seen snap of Prince Charles, playing with Prince Louis as Duchess Catherine held him in her arms.
While it was initially believed the photo was taken at Prince Louis' christening in July, if you look closely all three are wearing the same clothes from Charles' 70th portraits so it was most likely taken on the same day - which was actually in September!
Look closely...
And you'll notice Kate is wearing the same polka-dot frock by Alessandra Rich, Louis is rocking the same pair of blue shorts and Charles dons the same suit and pocket square.

5. Meghan is having a good old giggle at something

In the second, more candid shot, the royals are all letting their guard down - especially Duchess Meghan who is keeled over chuckling.
We wonder what was making her laugh?
Having a hoot! What's so funny, Duchess Meghan?

6. Princess Charlotte and Duchess Camilla's sweet moment

Duchess Camilla, or "Gaga" as she's known to the grandkids, and Princess Charlotte share a precious moment as the 71-year-old places a loving arm around the three-year-old and points out into the distance.
We rarely get to see Camilla interact with the younger generation of royals behind closed doors but this has been well worth the wait - how precious!
Aww, Duchess Camilla and Princess Charlotte share a cuddle.

7. Prince Harry's PDA

They've been married for six months and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are basking in their newlywed bubble.
If you look closely, you'll notice Prince Harry's sneaky arm placed around pregnant Meghan's waist - a touching gesture from a very affectionate husband.
Our hearts!
Father to-be Prince Harry can't help but shower his wife with affection.

8. Prince Louis is SO grown up

It's been four months since we last saw Prince Louis out in public at his christening and the seven-month-old has changed so much since we last saw him.
The chubby-cheeked bundle of joy has grown into his own little person and that smile is just magic.
Prince Louis is now seven months old and such a cherub.
Those cheeks! (All images: Chris Jackson/Clarence House)

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