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Prince becomes the King: Harry nicknamed 'Elvis'

US soldiers have given Harry a new nickname following his now-famous Las Vegas holiday
Prince Harry's Las Vegas shenanigans made headlines, infuriated the royal family, and have now earned him a new nickname.
The Prince has become the King in the eyes of US marines in Afghanistan — they have nicknamed Harry Elvis, likening him to the legendary singer after his much-publicised Las Vegas holiday and the nude scandal that made it famous.
Officially known as Captain Harry Wales, the Prince has been deployed in Afghanistan where he is currently serving as a co-pilot gunner and winning the hearts of his fellow soldiers.
"Harry has become a real celebrity around the camp," a U.S. military source told the Daily Star newspaper.
"At first the marines thought he would be a sit-at-home soldier, but were shocked when he just kept on notching up the missions.
"He had been on some hair-raising runs, but refuses to be treated any differently from the rest of the lads."
The troops are reportedly keen to get Harry back to Vegas, planning a trip once their service is done.
Following his last trip, in which the Prince was photographed nude at a hotel room party with other, also naked, females, the royal family is unlikely to give a return to Vegas their blessing.
Prince Charles was reported to have given Harry a very stern talking-to after the images emerged and the scandal was splashed across front pages of newspapers all over the world.
On his Australian tour, the Prince of Wales gave a speech in which he expressed how proud he was of his son's service in Afghanistan, telling Royal Australian Navy servicemen Harry had been phoning home regularly.

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