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Fans are in uproar over Royal Family's birthday tribute to Prince Andrew on Instagram

The royal has been at the centre of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for months.

By Jess Pullar
The British Royals are copping a fair amount of flak after posting a birthday tribute to Prince Andrew for his 60th birthday.
Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, February 19, the monarchy shared two images of Andrew, one from when he was a baby, and another current portrait along with the caption: "On this day in 1960, Prince Andrew was born at Buckingham Palace, the first child born to a reigning monarch for 103 years."
The post continued: "Happy Birthday to The Duke of York."
While the post itself would have been innocent enough had it been about any other royal, this post in particular struck a sour note with followers, who flooded the comments section to share their distaste.

One doesn't have to look far to understand why the post was met with criticism - Prince Andrew's connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein came to light in late 2019, alongside allegations he had sex with a 17-year-old girl within Epstein's circle.
The details around the scandal have been nothing short of shocking for royal fans, and things were only exacerbated when the royal delivered a "train wreck" interview with the BBC where he tried to justify his actions, and vehemently denied claims that he had relations with the 17-year-old.
Days after the explosive interview aired, Prince Andrew temporarily stepped back from his role as a number of charities he was involved with severed ties to him.
Since then, he has laid relatively low, but no one has forgotten about the distressing claims against him - and the reaction garnered from the Instagram post by the royal family serves as a stark reminder.
A birthday post about Prince Andrew this week has been met with disgust from fans. (Getty)
Within hours, the birthday post quickly received hundreds of comments, with one person writing: "Hmmmm. I am not sure this message is appropriate considering what he has been a part of."
The comment itself received more than 3,000 likes with people in agreement.
Another person commented: "Don't think this is appropriate. delete it."
One fan pointed out the mood of the room, noting: "All things considered, this post is a little tone deaf."
Many others also noted their distress at the Prince's lack of involvement with the FBI's ongoing investigation into the Epstein scandal.
Earlier this year, royal watchers were shocked to hear reports the royal had provided "zero cooperation" for the case.
A lawyer involved in the case, Lisa Bloom, told Sky News: "Why doesn't he want to cooperate? I think that's the question. What is it that he is trying to hide? What is he afraid of?"
Fans were quick to point out the "tone deaf" post. (Getty)
In spite of the damning reaction, the Royal Family's official account wasn't the only one to share a tribute to the Prince on his birthday.
His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson also shared an unseen picture of Prince Andrew with two dogs, writing: "Happy 60th Birthday to Andrew".
Again, the comments section was flooded: "I admire your loyalty to him and his to you... but... out of loyalty to your daughters and women, best to be quiet," wrote one.
Another said: "You've got some nerve."
Some however, came to the former Duchess' defence.
"Woah there!! She's got every right to wish who ever she wants happy birthday! She's not done anything wrong! Wind ya neck in," wrote one fan of Sarah's.
"It's just a woman wishing her ex husband, the father of her children a happy milestone birthday.....just that!" added another.

It is yet to be confirmed as to whether Andrew will be directly involved with the Epstein investigation - nor is it known when (or if) he'll return to his royal duties.
That said, views against the Prince certainly haven't wavered in recent months, so perhaps he'll continue to lie low for a while longer.
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