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The Queen is "upset" as her grandson Peter Phillips reportedly separates from wife of 12 years

The couple were last seen in public together late last year.

By Jess Pullar
The Queen's grandson Peter Phillips has separated from his wife Autumn Phillips, a shock new report claims.
Peter, who is the son of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, has been married to Autumn for 12 years, and the couple share two children, Savannah, aged nine and Isla, aged seven.
Peter and Autumn Phillips, who share two daughters together, have reportedly separated. (Getty)
A new report from The Sun first broke the news on Tuesday, February 11, claiming the pair's decision to separate has "upset" the Queen.
And she isn't the only one who is shaken by the move. According to a friend who spoke to the publication, Peter is "devastated".
"Peter is absolutely devastated by this and just didn't see it coming," the source told The Sun.
"He thought he was happily married and had the perfect family with two lovely daughters. But he is now in total shock."
The source claimed that Autumn had been telling her friends for some time that there were issues between them.
"She is a favourite of the Queen and I'm sure Her Majesty will be very upset by this as well.
"It's the last thing she needs after all her recent troubles and you get the feeling that the Royal Family is falling apart a little bit."
Autumn and the Queen were seen together in September 2019 as they travelled by car to church in Balmoral. (Getty)
Indeed Autumn was seen with the Queen in September 2019 as the pair travelled by car to a Sunday church service in Balmoral.
It is widely understood that Autumn, who originally hails from Canada, had slotted into the royal family seamlessly.
The Sun now reports the former North American might have been influenced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent shell-shocking decision to step back as senior members of the royal family. The royal pair has since started setting up a new home base in Canada.
"Maybe she has been influenced by Harry and Meghan's departure. Perhaps she thought if that can happen then I can leave as well? That might be unfair on her but you have to consider it," the source told the publication.
The report also stated that no other parties had been involved in Peter and Autumn's split, and that it seems the pair had "grown apart".
"It just seems they have grown apart but it's come as a bolt out of the blue for Peter and he's very upset."
WATCH: Peter and Autumn Phillips' daughter Savannah 'shushes' Prince George at Trooping the Colour. Story continues...
Peter and Autumn married in 2008, and later had two daughters who have had active roles in some of the biggest royal events of the decade.
You might remember daughter Savannah's viral moment during 2018's Trooping the Colour when she held a hand over Prince George's mouth to 'shush' him.
Autumn has always spoken warmly of the blue-blooded family, telling CBC in an interview: "They're just a family, they're happy, they have great relationships with each other... they're very close."
Peter and Autumn (pictured far right) were seen with Prince Charles and the Queen at the Scottish Braemar Games in September 2019. (Getty)
Phillip and Autumn were seen together in September 2019 when they attended the Scottish Braemar Games alongside the Queen and Prince Charles.
All seemed well at that point, with the family appearing to enjoy their day watching some of the day's fanfare, including hammer throwing, caber tossing and even a tug of war.
No official statement has been released by the Palace pertaining to the split as yet.