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The rock star’s daughter that almost convinced the world that she was dating Prince Harry

There aren’t many gals or guys that would turn down a photo with royalty…But with a fab selfie comes great power.

By Chloe Lal
Olivia Tallent discovered she had uncovered the motherload of selfies.
The college daughter of Garry Tallent, bassist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, was the lucky individual that got to take a snap with Britain’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry.
The pretty brunette met the royal after he headed backstage following the band’s concert at London’s Wembley Stadium on June 5.
Prince Harry posed for a pic with Olivia.
"Princess Olivia has a nice ring to it doesn't it?" the 19-year-old playfully captioned the snap, completed with a princess emoji, of course!
Social media soon went into meltdown with fans across the globe realising they weren’t prepared for Harry to no long be our swoon-worthy and single prince.
Olivia, not making matters any better, also shared the snap on Twitter, simply penning, “New boyfriend.”
Before we start comparing Olivia to her royal counterpart cough – Duchess Catherine, anyone?!, the University of Arizona student decided to let everyone know she was in fact joking.
The Prince is VERY dateable...
"I'm not actually dating Prince Harry, guys. Let's not be ridiculous here,” she tweeted.
So, I guess we still have a single Prince on our hands.
But it seems like the 31-year-old has found a way around his singledom.
It would seem that the former military man is interested in heading to reality TV for his quest for love.
Paddy McGuinness, host of UK reality dating show Take Me Out, revealed during a chat to BBC Radio One that Harry approached him on a night out and asked him if he could take part.
"We're having something to drink in the evening and who do I bump into? Prince Harry,” he began.
"He walks in the room [and] he comes straight up to me and he goes, 'I want to be on your show – I want to go to Fernando's [the island dates get whisked away to].'"
Captain Wales has admitted his desire to settle down and have a family.
"I was like, I don't think you need the help," Paddy laughed as he recalled the conversation.
The British personality admitted both he and his friends were shocked by Harry’s request.
"I'm a lad from Bolton and I've got a prince of England asking me if he can go to Fernando's," he chuckled.
"It doesn't get much better than that. All the lads had their mouths open thinking, 'what the hell happened?'"

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