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Mike Tindall will suit up for his meeting with Meghan Markle

Sometimes you need someone like Mike to keep things real.

By Chloe Lal
In a world where we're swooning over Prince Harry, fawning over Duchess Kate and being mesmerised by the royal cuties...
There is one man taking a stance at staying true to his larrikin self.
That man is Mike Tindall.
A hero among men, Mike has given a brand-new interview where he happily chatted about everyone's new favourite no comment girl Meghan Markle.
Speaking to The Sun about what it will be like when he meets Prince Harry's leading lady, he confessed, “I’m excited as I’m a massive fan of Suits so I want to pick her brain more on that than ­anything else!”
Meghan, who plays Rachel Zane on Suits, is expected to leave the show to move to London full-time, to be with her Prince.
Meghan plays Rachel Zane on the hit legal drama series, and the former rugby player is thinking she can help him with his next career move.
“A cameo in Suits is one thing I would ­definitely do, I could be a door bouncer or something,” he said. “I’ll have to ask Meghan if she can get me in.”
If acting isn't for Mr Tindall, he may think about changing his rugby kicks for pirouettes.
Fans have already seen Mike on the TV, after he starred on Bear Grylls reality show Mission Survive.
Rumour has it the sporting star may be on the next season of dancing reality show, Strictly Come Dancing.
“My wife and I have been asked a couple of times now to do Strictly," he confessed while attending Hope & Homes For Children: End The Silence, at London’s Abbey Road.
“I’m not sure it’s our gig, but I would never say never.”
We can just see his slogan: Vote for twinkle toes Tindall!
Mike, who is married to Zara Tindall, is the proud dad to daughter Mia.
The one thing you can always rely on Mike for is that he'll tell it like it is.
Turning his attention to one of the royal's biggest events of the year, the dad-of-one admitted to the paper that he didn't snag an invite to Pippa Middleton's wedding.
"We weren't invited to Pippa's wedding actually, we don't see them that much."
"The party looked really good — I haven't seen any of the crew to hear the stories and gossip yet. I haven't been able to get the lowdown," he added.