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Mike Tindall accidentally just revealed an unseen (and adorable!) royal family pic saved on his phone

A simple screensaver goes viral.

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to strict royal protocol, the Queen's grandson-in-law Mike Tindall takes a slightly more, er, relaxed approach to things.
The chances of getting behind the scenes insights, candid snaps or basically anything that gives the world the faintest feeling that members of the royal family are just like us are few and far between (remember that time Duchess Meghan closed her own car door? The carnage!)
But that's why we tend to find Mike Tindall's fun-loving and jovial nature quite refreshing, especially given he's not one to hold back on being candid about himself and his family.
Now, in yet another glorious revelation from Mike, the doting dad and smitten husband of Zara Tindall has revealed another golden nugget from inside the royal family's life.
Seen in a YouTube clip filmed by the ex-rugby player's team mate, James Haskell, Mike is seen apparently going to show the time on his phone.
It was a seemingly normal gesture that went a long way, because when he lit up his phone, a picture no one had seen before was sitting proudly as his screensaver.
Yep, quite adorably, his wife Zara along with his two daughters Mia, five and Lena, one, are seen smiling in a cute never-before-seen picture - our hearts!
The sweet phone picture features Zara and Mike's two young daughters, Mia and Lena. (Youtube / James Haskell)
The footage was taken while Mike was visiting Japan, where he watched the Rugby World Cup unfold.
But it wasn't just rugby the royal got involved in. Taking part in a mammoth walking tour around the city, the 41-year-old was seen describing how far he and James had managed to walk.
"We started walking at 10:30, it's now 13:42 — a three-hour walk," the exhausted rugby player revealed, which was when the glorious screensaver reveal occurred.
Mike is not shy of getting candid in front of the cameras. (Getty)
While in Japan, Mike didn't hold back from sharing his adventures with his fans, many of which unsurprisingly involved rugby.
Taking to his newly revealed personal Instagram account, the rugby-fanatic shared a number of snaps at various games.
In a surprise move, the royal-in-law also revealed Zara had also joined him half-way through the tournament - and with Prince Harry also flying across to see England play in the grand final, it quickly turned into a right royal affair.

While in Japan, the royal also got candid about his life with Zara in the sweetest way, revealing his cute nickname for her.
Playing a game of Would You Rather, Tindall was asked if he'd prefer to "marry a royal or win a World Cup?"
He cheekily admitted that he had in fact, managed both, but the father-of-two also revealed that his pet name for his wife Zara Tindall - Zoey. Cute!
Oh, and if you're wondering what his answer to the aforementioned question was, Mike said he'd "obviously" pick his wife.
We're certainly not surprised - his mind is clearly never far from her or his two daughters, especially when they're so easily visible on his phone!
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