British Royal Family

Mia Tindall gets up to mischief at the polo

Even Prince Harry couldn’t resist her adorable charms!

By Elizabeth Best
There might have been royals such as Prince Harry and Prince William playing a ripping match of polo on the field, but all eyes were on little Mia Tindall at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy match.
The cheeky young tot was having a ball, literally, while trying her hand at mastering the tricky game.
The gorgeous two-year-old couldn’t help but giggle as her mother Zara Phillips chased her up and down the pitch, trying desperately to put a tiny denim jacket on the runaway royal.
Harry looked on as little Mia got busy trying her best to learn the ins and outs of polo, the signature sport of the royal family.
Harry studies mini Mia's form.
But Mia just can't quite seem to master it!
She couldn't contain her excitement at the new sport at first, running about after the ball and giving it a good whack with the polo mallet.
But try as she might, the tiny tyke couldn’t quite master hitting the ball every time, swing and missing, and getting a little bit frustrated with her beginner's form!
'This game is so fun!'
Except when you keep missing the ball....
But luckily, second cousin Prince Harry was on hand, to administer the best remedy for a toddler’s tears: a tickle attack!
Mia couldn’t stop throwing her head back and giggling as Harry tried to tickle all her little troubles away.
It's the tickle monster, cousin Harry!
Prince Harry cheers his little cousin up.
The pair certainly looked like they had quite the bond, as the prince kissed and cuddled his little cousin until the smile was firmly back on her face.
Then, it was time for the cheeky toddler to turn her attention to the next task at hand: rolling down the hill!
Oops-a-daisy! Mia takes a tumble.
Lucky mum Zara was on hand to pick her up again!
Unfortunately, this was also harder than it looked, and Mia took a tumble or two down the hill, with mum Zara on hand to pick her up and dust off the grass.
We can see why Mia’s dad Mike has said his little angel has “quite a little personality on her”!

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